Saturday, October 17, 2009

Human Studies – Life Drawing


I originally attended life drawing sessions (live model) in order to improve and acquire technical skills. I was completely surprised at what else I’ve gained.

*A clear view of ourselves as one of the panoply of mammals on this planet; the anatomical similarities are many from the curve of the spine, to the mechanics of the hip.

*I’ve gained respect for the human animal; the form of the body, it’s grace and beauty, and the mind that animates it both in action and repose.

*And of course many kudos's to the talents and courage of those willing to bare all for the artist, and a great appreciation of their creative spirits as revealed by their poses.

Image: 9”x12” cream Stonehenge paper, Prismacolor coloured pencil.

For newcomers to this blog, a few more selections of life drawing.

Nuts and Bolts and Solidarity Forever


The Legend of Ondine


It’s a Man


A View from the Other Side


Two Artful Nudes


PS. Fellow bloggers, I will be turning this into an ‘anchor’ page so while comments are welcome, eventually, they’ll be hidden, and this little ps edited out.


Jennifer Rose said...

i've learned a lot from life drawing. its so helpful and yes lots of kudos to the models. i am amazed at how nonchalant they can be about taking their clothes off.

Missy Ricco said...

I've not done a life drawing class, but I did once do a sculpture class; my first experience with a nude model. She was so very unconcerned about being naked in front of strangers. I don't think I'd ever have that sort of confidence. You do learn a lot from the study.

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer & Missy, I'm so used to the models, I keep making the mistake of thinking it would be easy--and then I play a hypothetical scenario where I meet the people I posed for in the local grocery this point I realize it's not something I could or should do.

Chrissy said...

Hmmm, kudos to the models....and well done Ingrid one a delightful set of artwork showing beautiful form in fabulous colour..hehe, I sound quite poetic
Don't worry I won't make a habit of it!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy. Nothing wrong with waxing poetic, it's lovely when the words flow.


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