Friday, October 9, 2009

Life Drawing Tuesday-Costume Drawing

It's been awhile since I posted Life Drawing. Here's the fiancée again who's 'other' forbids nude modelling. Such a great model, we don't mind the costume, although in this pose, from my pov many details are hidden by that skirt (hand, wrist, feet). I had to do a good deal of guessing to figure out where the legs where, the skirt is so voluminous, and of course, after her first break, all the folds fell differently, so the remainder of the work on the skirt was guess-work and memory. Had great fun with the colours and I must say I am now in love with Stonehenge paper.

This is done in a new location, a renovated building once used as the municipal offices for Whitchurch Stouffville, now call 19 On the Park, a bland name but thankfully not corporate. I would have preferred the alternate name "Clock Tower Theatre" which would have been much more fun to say and memorable. It is meant to be used as a theatre, and it is a vast and empty space. Even clothed, the model was cold, and I wore a sweater.

We get stage lighting, which I thought would be excellent, but it depends on where you sit. The previous week, I was on the opposite side and the lighting was just awful--harsh, flat, with stark dead shadows and zero mid-tones. This time, it was fantastic, back lit, nuanced. I had fun.

PS. I'll keep calling these "Life Drawing Tuesday", regardless of the posting date, Tuesday is the night I draw. And if you don't like nudes--don't look. None will be risqué unless you are so prudish that you avert your eyes in art galleries and at public nude sculpture.

Image: 9x12" Cream Stonehenge Paper, coloured pencils, life drawing, costumed


Jennifer Rose said...

its a nice pose to draw :) love the colours you've used as usual, they add so much to the drawing :D

the lighting in the studio for life drawing at the college is pretty bad and washed out :/ lighting can make such a huge difference

Anna said...

Nude or not, still nice pose - beautiful, and excellent choice of colors. Anna.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I like the pose too - and for me lighting is EVERYTHING!

Missy Ricco said...

And yet the skirt created its own challenges and successes, so the drawing would not be the same without it...

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Anna, and thanks for visiting!& Missy Ricco too. I'll give your blogs the attention they deserve as soon as I get to a wi-fi connection. I'm on dial-up!
Jennifer, I feel for you. The lighting you put up with may be part of your problems (that is, if it is a problem, haven't seen your nudes yet).
Michelle, yes lighting is so important; and sometimes we have to make do with less than the best. Such a pleasure when it's just wonderful, isn't it?
Missy Ricco, yes, it's actually refreshing to get a costumed pose every so often.
And I'll see your blogs soon (Saturday probably, I need the library).


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