Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Mushroom Pages


Chrome-footed Bolete, Tylopilus chromapes, Prismacolor pencils on 8”x10” Stonehenge Paper.

Anyone who follows this blog can’t help but notice the mushrooms sprouting up amongst the posts like, well, mushrooms after the rain. A life-long fascination of mine, begun by my father, for whom mushrooming was a tradition of ancient lineage, their intrusion on my blog is inevitable. While I follow in his footsteps, I often take a more aesthetic point of view, deriving greater joy in finding, admiring, photographing them, and sometimes rendering them in full colour, than I ever do eating them (with the exception of a fresh yellow morel, mmm…irresistible).

For those of you who share my enthusiasm for things neither plant nor animal, let this page serve as a guide to all things fungi on the Drawbridge. As there are many more to come (I am loyal to my loves) you can also use the search box at the top, type in ‘mushrooms’.

The Lost Art of Mushrooming – A tribute to my dad who guided me through the forest.

Play With Your Food – Bizarre events in the kitchen.

Don’t Eat These – Inedibles are fun too.

Jewels of Autumn – Pungent Cort, a beauty inspite of it’s name.

Food or Pleasure – too beautiful to eat, the Fading Scarlet Waxy Cap.

True Blue and Edible Too – only a photo will do for the incredible edible Indigo Milky.


Jennifer Rose said...

great texture on the mushroom :) I just can't seem to get over them smell of cooking mushrooms to like them, i run from the room when people cook them lol

a student in class was drawing some mushrooms, left them on a shelf above the computers for a week. the next week it was raining maggots from the mushrooms on to the computers. went running away then too :p was pretty gross. blah

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer. I mostly just like looking; this one was pretty creamy rose. My husband is like you, and puts a damper on my culinary delights (but he DID eat chicken mushrooom).
Your story is wonderfully GROSS & disgusting. Love it! Have to laugh at anyone dump enough to keep a mushroom hanging about. Mostly, I cook 'em before this sort of thing that's a thought...


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