Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Life Drawing Tuesday-It's a Man

Yep, another man, actually Greg, the guy from the last time. This time, I cheated...I did a light pencil sketch first, then inked in with my magic brush aka Pentel Pocket Brush. Black is so strong, I just didn't have the courage to start with it. One false move and you're toast. So now I know what graphite is for (I hate the look and feel of graphite, but it erases real good!). After removing the graphite with a kneaded erasure I had great fun with the colours.
And that's all for today.

& PS. This one passes the library test for me given the style & lighting so no censorship today; hope I'm not wrong on that.


Jennifer Rose said...

nicely drawn :D cheater ;)

love the colour and I still think that people shouldn't be so prudish when looking at life drawings. I don't have to worry about people freaking out about visible genitals, every time I go to draw the male model he is at an angle I don't have to draw anything that might offend people. hmmm need to move next time so I can maybe offend someone ;) jk I should move though to get a different angle

Chrissy said...

I so love the flow of your life drawings..lovely.

kaslkaos said...

Yes Jennifer, you should move. Me too. I sit & draw & guess at the angle of the hidden shoulder or hip-another good reason to move. I'm a prude, so I should be more confident, that if it's okay to me, it's okay. There's more nudity in public statues & art galleries than here, that said, I wouldn't want to be flagged by some fanatic.
Thanks, Chrissy. Great to hear from you.


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