Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life Drawing Tuesday


Finally, a new model; well, new to me anyway. I’ve seen the same six faces for a year, and while they are wonderful, it’s great to see someone new. This guy brings ‘professional’ to a whole new level. He arrives more than 15 minutes early—he was ready to go, and in his robe when I arrived 15 minutes early. The lighting was not yet set up and he was ready to take charge in moving the podium to a better lit spot. Once the artists arrived, he began warm-up exercises—I have never seen anyone do warm-ups before.

We are a leaderless group at the moment, and a little disorganized, so we didn’t have a ready answer as to how to proceed (ie. pose lengths, number of each, etc.). As soon as he realized this, he pulls out an outline that he’d received on his last visit (which was many months ago) and asks if he should follow those instructions—we all nod gratefully.

He’s lean and muscular revealing a wealth of details not usually apparent. I reigned in my scribbly style for a change and tried to take advantage of the study opportunities and paid extra attention to the muscle groups and interplay of light an shadow, while still having some fun with colour. His strength is phenomenal, as he can hold a pose for 20 minutes without so much as a millimetre of movement—I do not exaggerate.

He had cards available; since I’m definitely not in the market for hiring my own model, I thought, why not pass along his website here. Careful what you look at; some is for over 18 (appropriately labelled); apparently he doesn’t just model for little old ladies like me.


Images: 8”x10” office paper, prisma coloured pencils, the upper is my favourite monochrome sketching colour ‘expresso’

More Life Drawing on the Human Studies Page

PS. I’m on facebook now; actually, I signed up a long time ago, but left an empty profile. Now that I’ve discovered it’s dial-up friendly (at least using ad-blocker) I’m going to try it out as a central ‘go to’ site when I’m on dial-up. I even get sneak peaks at your blogs this way.


Jennifer Rose said...

he looks like a great model to draw, nice to have a professional model to draw. I'm always thankful to anyone who models in class don't get me wrong, but sometimes that extra bit of professionalism helps.

you can really see the muscles and shapes in the drawings, well done :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer! Have you posted any of your figures yet?
They all work hard; different abilities and style.

Jennifer Rose said...

I've posted a few quick little sketches but not much. Hopefully in a few weeks I can bring some more of them home :)

they all work very hard! I'm in awe of the people that model for class :)


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