Saturday, November 14, 2009

T’s finally ready



I carved the blocks way back in September, to be ready to ‘field test’ on my holidays. The sample shirts (which my husband proudly wears) were trail tested and machine washed many times already. New shirts (shown) hand-printed but it took me ‘till yesterday to get them out and photographed, and then scanned as the photo’s just don’t seem crisp enough. Spending all day fiddling with facebook (I’ll get to that) and Etsy was frustrating, especially as I had been busy for four days straight on non-art projects and I’m just itching to do some drawing and painting, but here I am fiddling on the net again.

So here’s the t’s, up for sale, finally, on Etsy.

As for facebook; I’m using it for networking, so privacy is not a big deal. There are enough other ways to have private correspondence, walking in the woods together notwithstanding. That said, some people do use it to post pics of their kids in swimsuits, or themselves blasted at parties, and for them, ‘friending’ a stranger, like me, is a big no-no. So I’ve built a ‘Fanpage’ on facebook to use as a public gallery on facebook. Here, my pictures and images will be available whether you log on to facebook or not. And if you ‘fan’ me (but not ‘friend’) me, you won’t be giving me access to your private pics. It’s a whole lot of duplication as far as the pictures go but I’ve been wanting a quick and easy gallery for a long time. So here it is: Ingrid Schmelter, Kaslkaos Art. (this will be just art, no blather)


Chrissy said...

Great T's, the artic wolf is my favourite, it is beautiful :D

kaslkaos said...

Thanks. I like the wolf too, but I like my voyageurs because I think these tough little guys (real voyageurs usually clocked in at 5') were kind of fetching. Nothing like an adventurer with a sense of fashion (they wore red sashes).


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