Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zoo Day, A Photo Journal


Moon Jellies at the Australasia Pavilion, Reef Display (and wow, I never thought that my camera could do this!)


The Bird Eating Spider – cuddly (in the America’s Pavilion)


Canadian Beaver, outdoors, America’s Pavilion


An obliging fish, posing for pictures (yes, alive, he/she stayed very very still), in the Beaver pond, underwater viewing, America’s Pavilion (if anyone can identify the species, please help me out)


Otter, America’s Pavilion.  Low light limited the image quality, but he posed so nicely.  There were two, and they were hugely excited about the impending feeding time, leaping & splashing about.


Red-headed Blackbird, America’s Pavilion, the last and only decent one, of 10 shots. The birds fly free within the pavilions, sometimes within inches, or even, this time around, brushing my husbands head with a wing.

So those who already know me, and now those who don’t, know I’m very frugal (with good reason).  I know for a fact that money doesn’t grow on trees, although sometimes you find it under trees (yes, I do collect beer cans for deposit).  So you may be surprised, that while I refuse to pay $$$ for high speed internet, yesterday, my husband and laid out $155 in cash for a one year pass (including parking) to the Metro Toronto Zoo (and not for the first time).  Amortized (what a stuffy word) over the whole year, however, it works out to a whole lot of cheap entertainment, far less than the money we used to spend having cafe lunches and weekly restaurant dining. So while it seems extravagant, it fits nicely into our lifestyle.

Yesterdays was the first visit in quite awhile, and what a lot of fun.  It’s November, and the days are often dark, so it’s good to get out and see people, and the zoo has indoor gardens that gives a Northerner a decent fix of tropical green.  This is one of the major zoos that prioritizes large naturalized enclosures and an enriched environment for the resident animals.  I don’t see any of the pacing or other stress related (stereotypy) that you might see in lesser zoos. They also participate in conservation programs, such as the breeding and re-introduction of the black-footed ferret.

But it is also a beautiful zoo, a spacious realm with great architecture, and beautiful landscaping.  As a child, my parents would take me to the zoo, starting at opening time, and plodding about until my feet were numb; it took that long to see it all as my parents were always determined to get full value for their money (btw, my dad worked as an electrician during the building phase, African Pavilion may still bear his wiring). Now, with the pass, it’s a real treat to arrive on a whim in the late afternoon, and stroll about, stopping and starting at will, knowing we can come back again any time we please.  I gave my new camera a work-out.  With my old 2megapixel camera, there were so many shots that weren’t worth the bother.  What a surprise to find I could catch birds and fish (not to mention bird eating spiders) in the camera’s lens.

PS. Nope, I’m not taking a break for art, just really busy, and somehow, blogging about works in progress is not what I want to do, and the 365 Art Card Project is another thing but I’ll wait until I have more. Happy blogging all.

PPS.  Wifi in the library is down for a week at least, so please be patient.  It’s hard to surf on dial-up.


Jennifer Rose said...

I'm jealous! I love going there. its the one place if we go back to Ontario for any reason I want to drag John to. We were going to go last time, but finances wouldn't allow it :/ I've told him how big it is but I don't think he believes me lol

kaslkaos said...

Look me up if you're ever going; I'll tell John how big it is--all day huge if you want to see it all, walk your socks off & get blisters too.

Chrissy said...

Thank you for sharing...
Great images, it is always good when you realise your camera can perform better than you realise.
We have annual membership of some of our local attractions, I think you see more because you can take your time

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Oh I missed zoo so much, since we had a little one, we were not able to make a trip. Thanks for sharing nice photos, and good luck with you art work. Anna :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy; yes, we so much more, as we'll take time to watch, wait and observe.
LivingInAurora, I hate to agree (they do good work) but the zoo is prohibitively expensive for a day trip. I don't think I'd go without the years pass. I'm not sure what a family years pass would cost.


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