Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Life Drawing Tuesday


Life Drawing Club is over for now, in future (until February) I will have to rely on photo reference if I want to get some figure drawing practice; a dismal prospect, completely lacking in human dynamics, not to mention sociability, chit chat, and a night out. I love being in the presence of other artists the way goose loves the company of geese. Since I’m terrible in social situations, nope, haven’t actually made friends there, just enjoyed their company.

Here’s last weeks effort. It was a long tall pose, and I had great difficulty deciding on composition. This is a crop for delicate eyes. See the entire pose here. As I like what I’ve done with pencil and ink, I’m still undecided on messing with the background to get the composition working or just accept it as it is. Yep, I’m asking.

Image: 11”x14” (cropped out the extra on scan) cream Stonehenge paper, pentel pocket brush, graphite, coloured pencil


Jennifer Rose said...

I'd accept the drawing as is :) the way you have drawn the muscles is really interesting to look at :)

shame you don't have life drawing until February :/ having a night out is a nice break from everyday life :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer. I think I might try digital framing and see how it looks. Usually with these, I scribble in a background, but this time, maybe not.
As for lack of socializing, well, I'll just have to tweet a lot ;-)


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