Sunday, December 6, 2009

Transformations, and an invitation

You might notice the new banner: it’s not finished yet, but for now, good enough.  I used to be a perfectionist, and when I was, nothing ever got done.  Okay, that’s a lie—I was classic underachiever.  At every step of the way, including the first step I would assess my ability to achieve perfection.  If the answer was ‘no’, there ends the action.  So for me, learning to live with ‘good enough’ is a fairly major accomplishment.  So here’s my banner, and while I have not yet solved all the mysteries of GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program, like Photoshop but free) and thereby have stray pixels scattered about the text, I do declare my banner ‘good enough—for now’.

It all began with an ACEO I did as study for a slightly larger work.

Which I photographed, plugged into GIMP, and then started fiddling with the intriguing options one of which was fractals, whooo.


It was a fascinating effect, but unlovely on it’s own, until I peered at it sidewise and remembered I was still looking for a decent banner image.  Well, you see the result above.

And now, if you’ve actually stayed with me thus far: The Invitation.

It’s that time of year again, rapidly rolling towards Yuletide, Christmas, XMas, Winter Solstice or whatever moniker floats your boat to mark a momentous turning point of the season.  In fact, whether you ascribe to the Christian story, or the pagan version, or, as I do, the bare scientific fact of the turning of the seasons and the changing of the light, it truly is a time of transformations, and an event to be celebrated.  And in so doing, I wish to send all loyal bloggers an um, seasonal, yule, Xmas, whatever card.  If you were in on it last year, please assume that I’ve misplaced your address and send it to me anew.  I’m big on organization, but not very good at it.  If you’ve only come on board lately, include yourself if you please; Anna, Jenny and Missy Rocco, the invitation extends to you.

This year I would include another category, if you are willing to briefly come out of the woodwork.  Dedicated lurkers, I’d love to send you a card too.  Mystery person who hails from Sudbury and secretly surfs in from Atlasquest, that would be you (yep, I have a hidden stat-counter). 

Everybody, my email is now out and plain to see on the banner (though hoping it still gives the spam bots trouble) and please feel free to use it for secret and not so secret messaging.  I’m not into blog awards or contests, etc. etc. ; this one is freely given, no strings attached.  Basically, blogging is a lonely undertaking; one flings thoughts, feelings, hard work and images off into the ether in hopes that someone somewhere will get the connection.  Anyone who takes the time to read this has my many thanks (especially in this particularly long-winded and scatter-brained posting).

‘Nuff said.  Seasonal Greetings and all that.


Quiltbug said...

Love the artwork on the banner!!! I'm with you on the scientific fact of the turning of the seasons.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love the banner!
For some reason I can't comment in FireFox anymore... Hmmmm.

I am a big believer in organization but rarely can find it when I need it! LOL!

Chrissy said...

Hah, well I want a card to add to last years so email is on it's way.........I have a big new board to fill up and I love snail mail...
And *she has a smug smile* your card is in the post, hehe,I do have a wicked evil SOH. Good thing you don't know me really :D

Chrissy said...

Oh and the banner is gorgeous, stray pixels huh, one can only wonder what they are up to when we are not around :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

the banner looks good :D the image goes really well with the themes found in your blog :)

Jennifer Rose said...

I'd love a card :D but its not cheap to mail things here so don't worry about it :)

kaslkaos said...

Quiltbug, thanks! Hope your enjoying our snow dust.
Michelle, got your address now. Thank you muchly. Funny, I'm using firefox right now to comment: all these weird unexplainable compu problems.
Chrissy, yep, I'm still in the same place, and got your email. I 'think' my cards will still be on time, but I make no promises. & yes, I know, I'm late, I'm late. My brothers card already arrived last week.
The stray pixel thoughts are beginning to scare me...
Jennifer, pshaw! It's $1.50, or 15 beer cans; this won't break the bank. If I can find your addy under my pile of papers you'll get one anyone, or send email.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank you :) lol 15 cans is a good way to put it :)


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