Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Fish Called Fred


Metro Toronto Zoo, and unfortunately, this isn’t Fred. But I remember Fred, a fish that measured several feet in length, he lived in the Eurasia Pavilion with the butterflies and exotic birds.  He inhabited a large pool with a glass wall and developed a remarkable fascination with humans.  If you dared to be a total fool in public, you could engage him in play, or combat (I can’t read piscine minds) by shaking your hair in front of the tank; he would respond by shaking, bumping the glass and displaying his beautiful fan of fins. Alas, Fred died, and we all miss him.  This is another fish, although he seems to be developing a similar fascination to humans given how photogenic he was.  He didn’t, however, respond to a head shake.

I love fish, and maybe this photo shows you why. Also, thinking he’d make a nice linocut.

& More Zoo news, last time I visited, I heard frogs/toads singing indoors.  What a strange and magical sound to hear in mid-winter.  I couldn’t for the life of me find the little songsters, though.


Jennifer Rose said...

stop talking about the zoo! ;p your making me jealous

fish are cool, they can have such interesting personalities :)

Chrissy said...

Great image, I love fish too. I used to keep them for years but it is a lot os work to keep them right. I love seeing them in the sea....and would love to learn to dive.
The previous one sounds like it had a lot of character!
I have a fishy ATC, it's wonderful :D

kaslkaos said...

Hi Jennifer, sorry about that. It's a nice zoo!
Hi Chrissy, I have an aquarium, freshwater, and it's not too much work. Lots of plant life keeps things in balance. The best fish watching is in the wild, like you said. I look for them on lakesides, bridges and such. Love to glimpse them there.
Happy fishing, all.


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