Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life Drawing Tuesdays


Yes, its that time of the year again. Life Drawing on Tuesday, many yawns (its evenings, and I am just not good at staying up). Usually I cross my finger and hope to get one good image, this time it was two. I really felt rusty and excruciatingly tired but we old did short poses which suited my attention span. I used white bond paper for these, and three pencils, blue-violet, sienna, and ochre. I found the combination so mesmerizing they were the only three pencils I used all night.


& some news:

I've decided to try twitter marketing a little more, um, actively and I feel like such a spammer doing that that I've set up another twitter address @KaslkaosArt (was gallery, which was awkward). I figure, with a user name like that, one should expect the odd link to Etsy, so at least it feels honest. So I'm chattering away over there to no one in particular (which is the very nature of twitter) and doing lots of following and getting followed back (at 295 at time of writing). If I’ve been following you on my other account, I’ll probably follow you on the gallery account too, no obligation to back follow! I just want to read what you are up to without having to logout and log in again. (re: the stupid things I do because I’m on dial-up…)


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Nice job... I used to make people look 60 years old, no matter how old they were in life drawing class. LOL!

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice drawings :D the colours work really well together

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle. Mine used to look like vaguely oblong lumps in college. Somehow, not having a hovering instructor is refreshing.
Thanks Jennifer, I liked the colour combination so much, I wrote it down!


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