Friday, February 19, 2010

Raven's Realm


This is the forested silhouette against the night sky from the campground of George Lake, Killarney Provincial Park.  Just at dusk, the ravens began their evening conference, calling from various points to decide up the night’s roost.  By night fall, they were settled safely for a quiet night under the protection of the pines.

While the ravens shun our southern Ontario cities, they are lords of the northern forest.  This is their land where the trees touch the sky.

Image: 11”x14” 200lb Saunders Cold-pressed watercolour paper watercolour, watersoluble pencil, coloured pencil, india ink.

This one is going to Art For Africa, an event I was honoured to be invited to.  In fact, I dithered on this one more than most, leaving days between stages so as not to ‘screw things up’.  Thank goodness for the 365 Art Card Project that gives me a zero pressure outlet for my art.  Well, now this one’s done, framed, almost packaged and leaving my front door this weekend. 

I was glad to be asked to donate, as my monetary charitable donations dried up quite awhile ago.  It’s nice to give back for a change.

PS. I am trying to be more of a participator this year. Stick my neck out, even socialize, the latter being a truly scary thing for me.  So far, I’ve only managed to be more noisy on twitter, but I’m working on it.  In the Art for Africa venue, I will actually try to talk to people, you know, face to face.  Very scary.

Thanks bloggers for visiting and chatting here.  Practice makes perfect, sort of…


Chrissy said...

Your raven's realm is beautiful, a lot of movement :)
Art for Africa sounds interesting and good on you for doing it. In fact, I think it is harder to donate some time than money. In my mind time is very precious...
As for trying to be more sociable, I rather admire your selective nature ;-)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I agree with Chrissy. I have donated a lot of time over the years and money is so much easier!

That piece is stunning...


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