Friday, February 12, 2010

Terraskin-New ‘paper’ trial


This blog is a personal blog, and normally I don’t do reviews, but I found a new ‘paper’ to try.  There were swatches in the art store so I took some home.  Looking for a subject, there was Lennier.  He likes, when I get to bed (I do most of 365 Art Card Project in bed, btw), to come and sit on my knees, and he purrs for hours (yes, literally); I think he likes the sound of his own voice.  Actually, he would prefer to sit on my book, my paper, my art supplies, or my pencils—we have fights about that. When I win, he sits on my knees (above).  When I lose, he stalks off and leaves me to my own inconsiderate silence.  So, of course, he became the first trial subject of the terraskin paper, which apparently, is not paper.

It’s similar to Yupo, in some ways, having a plastic feel and being slightly water resistant.  Unlike Yupo, it is not absurdly prone to fingerprints and my prismacolors go on smooth and bright instead of pale and clumpy (I hate Yupo).  It has an eggshell texture and slight oyster colour and a heavy feel that I find extremely appealing in the hand especially for the itty bitty aceo’s that I’m doing.  I liked it so much that I couldn’t wait to get back to the art store (Currie’s Art Supply in Markham) and buy some.  While it’s pretty pricy, for the small stuff that doesn’t matter, and I very much like it’s look for the illustrative style above.

Top Image: Lennier, above, done with Inktense & Pentel Pocket Brush, terraskin paper, aceo


Above: watercolour, prismacolor & graphite on terraskin aceo


Above: watercolour on terraskin aceo

Below: More cute cats, okay, I couldn’t resist showing off my cuddle bunnies. Left, Archer, Right, Lennier doing what they do best. Inktense, Pentel Pocket Brush, on terraskin paper aceo


PS. I’VE BEEN GOOGLED.  Go to google maps, type in “14811 9th line stouffville” , go to street view and you’ll see me walking the dog around the lake.  I was none too pleased at the time, but in hindsight I think it’s rather funny.  Since Musselman’s Lake was googled on a brilliant azure and emeralds spring day, it also looks like I live in paradise.  As for privacy, they did make good on blurring things out.  Anyone else been caught by street views?


Chrissy said...

I have loads to say on your blog but am just so stupidly tired after a mad week at work! So I think I shall just make lots of comments as I recover over the w/e.
The first thought was such a big well done on your life drawing. I know it means a lot to you and what lovely images, I did like the colours...I admire you lots, I don't think I could function in an evening class any more

I loved the story of your parents! None of us can really understand how they felt can we? I wonder how they made a home when they got there?

Oh and I smiled at your google, they haven't got here yet! Great to see the vicinity of where you live. How cool is that? I am such a geek!

Jennifer Rose said...

we haven't been googled but my father in law has been, looking out of the window at the car as it went by :p

hmm sounds like an interesting paper to try :)

Chrissy said...

Back again and feeling much improved.
the paper looks really interesting, the ACEO where you have washed the colour in looks brilliant, very watery! I love the images of the cats snuggling up together :D

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I just checked out our place. Ha! The big RV is in the driveway... I didn't think they'd been here yet.

Nice spring day it looks with you and the dog!

kaslkaos said...

Everyone must have been watching Olympics online or something. Dial-up was so slow I couldn't get into comments. Well, now, here I am
Chrissy, hope your week is ending on a better note. Yep, I'm toast after dark too, very tempting to add coffee, but then I wouldn't sleep when I need to.
As for my parents story, what always struck me is how 'matter of fact' it was. They never saw it as the least bit epic, but it was.
Jennifer, the paper is fun. It doesn't take a lot of layers, but for bright strong lines, excellent.
Michelle, so you almost, but not quite got googled.
Glad you all had fun with the google, me in my clown/um, dog walking suit.

Claudia Lawrence said...
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