Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walker Woods Uxbridge, Another Beautiful Day

A story told in 35 square inches (4 ACEO’s/ATC’s)


Up, up, & up, and then down, wheeeee!

Beautiful Walker Woods in Uxbridge is a recent discovery for me. It is not far from my home (15 minutes by car) but I never knew it existed until last summer when I was itching for some new scenery and began perusing my ORTA (Oak Ridges Trail Association) maps. The Uxbridge sections shows some lovely swathes of green that span a number of concessions. In summer, we found it to be deep, green and shady. Autumn reveals a golden beauty that rivals Algonquin Park, and now in winter we have discovered a paradise for cross-country skiing. We’ve enjoyed kilometres/miles of uninterrupted trails that are groomed to perfection by the tracks of fellow enthusiasts sharing the trail.


Somewhere near Post 21. This woods has little You Are Here Maps everywhere. I think it’s funny, but handy too.


After about 45 minutes from the parking lot, past Post 38 we find ourselves on barren high hills populated by weeds, grasses and scrub thorn trees. The view is fantastic, though, and you can see all the way South to Lake Ontario, Pickering. There are limestone slab benches up there, too, to be enjoyed in balmier weather. I believe it’s very close to a more southerly parking lot.


And here we are on are way home, taking the long way around so that we catch one of the best hills that winds it’s way down through a hardwood forest. The house on the hill is some mansion; a teaser look at how the other half lives.

I haven’t created any larger images of Walker Woods, but have captured it in numerous ACEO’s as I crunch away at my 365 Art Card Project. As these are small enough to complete in 1/2 hour it is often the best way to create a memento of the day—quickly before the memory fades.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Don't you love to find a new place? The images are beautiful... Someday I'd love to see one of these large! :)

kaslkaos said...

Yes, and quite exciting at my age. As a child, everything is new. The older you get, the rarer the experience.
And thanks, and you will, probably. I have yet to do up something larger for Walker Woods. It hasn't sunk into the back of my brain quite yet.


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