Thursday, February 25, 2010

WIP—11x14 something, & life drawings


Work In Progress.  Here’s the 11”x14” something I’ve been tweeting about.  This is the underpainting/drawing, using Inktense Watersoluble pencils, & some plain old watercolour on ‘ripple’ watercolour paper. I purchased it out of curiousity, and now I want more. It’s smooth enough for pencils, but the unusual texture holds strong pigments.

Of course, now that it’s laid out, I dither.  The next step would/might be acrylic gel & sand, followed by prismacolor’s.  That is the plan, but I like this stage; it’s quick and fresh. Once I go to step #2, I’ll be in for the long haul, pick & poking, hopefully coming out the otherside unscathed.

Much safer to blather on my blog.


Life drawing; someone new.  A very good model, some nice poses.  Prismacolor on bond paper.


Life drawing; one of my favourite models, poses with flair. Prismacolor on cardstock (I have no idea how card stock got into my kit, but I rather liked using it).

Now I must get back and make some decisions on my 11x14 something.


Chrissy said...

Looks like a interesting project, it is good to stall for a while. I have been working on something all weekend and it would be much better if I took a break right now...but I am bad once I start! Great life drawings, I wish I had practiced more of those....just about now ;-)

kaslkaos said...

Heh, heh, ended up really stalling when I got the flu and spent all day in bed. I'll be back at it on Tuesday. Breaks are good, some of them anyway. Find some time for yours and have fun.


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