Tuesday, March 23, 2010

365 Art Card Project-the Faq


Since I've been asked, by several people, the why's and the wherefore's; I will tell.

365 is an arbitrary number and is not tied to any 'one per day' rule. It is meant to be an achievable goal (by the end of one year), whether I do a dozen per day or none for a week.

So do I have rules? yes. The cards are pre-cut (by me) to 2.5" x 3.5" inches. I date them & number them on the back. That's it.

Beyond that, anything goes, any medium, any subject any style.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I'm not the only person in the world who feels artists/writers block, from the best of us to the worst of us so I'm sharing a secret.

Taking on the project has opened up whole new avenues, even whole new worlds. I also began exploration abstraction and love it. Given that a coloured pencil work as small as 8"x10" can take days to complete, art cards clock in at the relatively quick average of 1/2 to 1 hour. Of course there are extremes. An inspired monochrome may make a spontaneous appearance in 5 minutes, while others, sporting multiple layers, painted in and outlined often take 2 hours. But that is still FAST, FAST, FAST compared to my larger works.

Size doesn't matter when it comes to working with composition. If it rocks it rocks, if it sucks it sucks. The only difference is that while a failed work of 2.5"x3.5" is no great loss and an excellent learning experience, turn those inches into feet, and you're talking a huge waste of time and resources. Meaning that I can explore so many more themes, theories, colours, elements and take them to completion in this small format than I could ever do in conventional sizes.

Not to mention I can do these in bed, or in the car (no idling! engine off!) while I wait.

Here's my kit.


A whole bunch of pre-cut cards, blank and ready to go. (a recent addition, are cards made from used art paper (failed life drawings). Since these are impossible to mess up (already messed up, aren't they?) I can be very relaxed about them.

Travel brushes, miniature brushes with water reservoir (yes, you can paint in bed)

Inktense Watersoluble Pencils: the slim case means it travels well, and it's all the colours you really need (want is another matter)

Pentel Pocket Brush: permanent ink, and a brush nib that keeps it's point.

Pencils, lots.

Prismacolor Pencils, magenta, lemon yellow, peacock blue, silver, sienna, expresso & black.

Sharp knife for sharpening

Clip board & cheap paper.

Not shown, the pencil case, and floppy cloth small size briefcase that holds absolutely everything + a good book.

I've probably missed something. But you get the picture; this kit travels well, goes anywhere, sits on your lap so there's never an excuse.

& the real fabulous joy of the project, is that I have lots of finished pieces some of which turn into larger finished pieces, some of which end up in my 'itty bitty' books, etc..

Now start some of your own, hide the duds, contemplate the experiments, take joy in the successes, hoard them, share them, sell them, burn them, stick them on your wall. Do anything you like, just don't get precious about them. Let them take you somewhere, don't force them along a set pathway. Worlds await.

Want to see some of them? Posts that include an artcard are tagged “365 Art Card Project”, just scroll down the labels or search this blog.

They are also the main source of illustrations for my “Itty Bitty Tiny Little Books”. A 12 month (12 mailing) subscription is $25.00. Singles by request $3.00, free shipping anywhere on this planet in either case.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

It's a wonderful idea! Looking forward to seeing them all! :-)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks. You'll see 'some' but I did decide that putting all 365 would be too much online time, although would be interesting to have ALL together, the failures, the successes, the interesting and the questionable.
Was wondering if others would want to join in? Post one a week? As long it was a casual thing, not 'show off my best art marketing thing'.

Laurel said...

Hi! I saw you last night at the ATC party. I have your Wild Cherries and Canis Familiaris Contemplates His Ancestry. This post has inspired me to make more cards! I'm very impressed with your blogs and store and fan page. I just opened my store in November and my blog a few months before that. I still have a lot to learn. I'm really impressed with your media literacy AND your art!

kaslkaos said...

Hi Laurel: it was fun, wasn't it. What a talented family. Gosh, it's in the genes. Loved your cards. So I checked out your Etsy store. It looks fabulous; fresh original style. I do the atc's as sometimes I feel stuck; yours are an inspiration.

Eleanor said...

Thanks for the trade at the ATC party, and for you coment on my blog! I loved your cards, especialy the ones done with print makeing :D

Chrissy said...

This really has inspired me right now. I feel daunted in the face of almost anything. I have been making some greeting cards for the same sort of reason to get me going again.
I can see that it would also be great when inspiration is lacking and at least if it all goes pear shaped, it is not so much time invested to throw them away...I hate throwing art away but it is much more likely if I feel a little uninspired.
An ATC party sounds like fun :D

kaslkaos said...

You are welcome, Laurel. Your ATC graces my wall.
Chrissy, sorry it took me so long to answer. My dial-up has gotten slower! I think it's healthy to throw out the pieces that bug you (I burn my, very therapeutic). It gives us licence to fail, and makes room to succeed.
Glad you feel inspired. I have a friend that signs her email. MAKE ART FAST. There is a lesson there.

Jenny said...

The image of your kit resonated with me for some reason that I find hard to explain. I really like the shapes. These things have an intangible importance (I'm a writer, but sometimes pictures are more important than words!)

kaslkaos said...

Jenny; that art kit is a photo of possibilities.
PS. You never asked, and I don't want to push, but if you want an Itty Bitty Book, Vol#3 is ready. Just say so, no strings attached, it's a blog love thank you.


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