Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mishepeshu, the Great Lynx, Lake Superior


More Lake Superior.  It is a place that is never far from my mind, even now, when I sit 900km & many months away from my next pilgrimage, erm… visit.

At least, with art, I have a way of drawing things closer, and if I can’t be there in body, then perhaps in spirit.

Mishepeshu (Michipeshu), The Great Lynx, is believed to live and control the deep waters, and when you visit Agawa Rock it is impossible not to feel his awesome presence. Ever since I first visited the shores of Lake Superior, I have been forever more haunted by it's presence, and this image is both a tribute and a compulsion to somehow feel connected to the most powerful of the Great Lakes.

This one available at Etsy.

And yep, come this summer, I’ll be wearing it too. 

Image: Linocut on watercolour.  Using New Gamboges, Prussian Blue, Alizarin Crimson & Burnt Sienna as my watercolours.  I must say, New Gamboges is an exciting new yellow I’ve added to my pallette, rich & thick as a runny egg yolk.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

I have been reading Norval Morrisseau's stories of the Great Ojibway. I love what you did here - be careful he doesn't eat you! ;)

We are on the same wavelength latly....

kaslkaos said...

Heh heh! Even on a calm day, I can feel 'something' moving beneath the deeps of Superior. Let's just say I never venture far from shore in a canoe, if at all.
Now I'm wanting a copy of whatever you're reading. Currently, I'm slumming with Harry Potter and having a grand time of it.

Jennifer Rose said...

I love this image :D very tribal and has a huge sense of power to it

kaslkaos said...

Well, it is based on the Agawa Pictographs, and the huge sense of power was honestly uncanny, because when I was carving it, it just kinda sorta carved itself. Weird, weird, weird. As Michelle says, I must be careful he doesn't eat me...


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