Sunday, March 14, 2010

Official Launch of ‘An Itty Bitty Tiny…


Upon the suggestion of another artist/printmaker I’ve started ‘An Itty Bitty Tiny Little Book’ series, kind of like a ‘book of the month club’. These are little tiny books made of a single sheet of folded paper origami style. And while I could have assembled things using cut, paste & scan I chose instead to bang my head repeatedly against the wall of “things I don’t know how to do in GIMP”. After stormy weather (roiling thunderheads & stinging sleet) in my brain all Thursday, by the end of Friday the lyrics of a song “I can see clearly now, the rain has gone” began coursing through my head.

I think I’ve finally got it. I think I’ve finally figured it out, well almost, at least the basics. I can compile my little books in GIMP, I can handle layers, transparencies, and gaussian blur (whatever the heck that is) and even play with fractals (cool). I can specify the size and have it print that way (sounds simple, but I managed to get it wrong). And I can ink my own text & then do some super cool digital things with it, and so on and on.

And so, to celebrate, I’ll share it with you. Absolutely free.

I have $10.00 set aside in postage, so while supplies last, I’ll send it out on a first asked, first served basis (though for a few special friends I’ll make exceptions). And after that, well if you can at least spot me for postage expenses, that would be fine. Trades welcome.

Edit: free offer is up, $3.00 (free shipping) for one sample issue. If you saw this first on Etsy, please make payment through Etsy.

This actually is part of a series, sort of a book of the month club. And I really am committed to do 12, as that friend I told you about, already ponied up, in advance, a $25 subscription. Nothing like commitment & deadline to put the burn on.


So if you want to see what’s on the inside, you only need to ask.


Quiltbug said...

I'd love to see what you have done. I need to work on something to trade but I'm not very creative. I haven't forgotten about the beautiful ATC you gave me. You don't even have to pay for postage. You can give it to our mutual friend at coffee on Thursday. I'll see her on Friday

I hope I qualify.

dbltall said...

I would like one, please. I love your art.

Jennifer Rose said...

what a neat idea :D and good on you for figuring it all out on GIMP :)

kaslkaos said...

Quiltbug, that's easy peasy. I think I messed up a Christmas, so there will be something extra in your late stocking. So nice to see you reading me!
Dbltall, I think I need your snailmail. You can dm on twitter if it fits or email me (it's on this blogs title banner, lower right corner)
Thanks Jennifer, and your getting one too, of course, even though you never ask.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

So cool!
So ambitious... :-) I'd love one, but I need to earn it with an ATC as per your suggestion last week! I need some time! LOL!

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, don't worry about it. I'm sending them out this weekend. It's machine printed, so keep if you don't want to return a trade, keep that in mind. In the meantime, it's FREE & no strings attached. So just enjoy. Maybe you'll want to do one too someday?

Cyd said...

Thank you so much for the itty bitty book - it's lovely.


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