Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sometimes You Just Have to STOP


Sometimes you just have to stop, whatever it is that you are doing, where ever you are, what ever your hurry.

How many sunsets/sunrises have I missed, driving along to somewhere in particular, some daily/weekly destination where the view is always the same, and because I was thinking of the goal, I failed to look beside.  Oh, I notice them all, and if I’m not behind the wheel I’ll take a good long look.  But unless I’m on holiday, or sitting on the veranda on a summer night do I actually take the time to watch the sun go down from start to finish the way I would watch a feature movie.

And it isn’t summer, and it wasn’t a holiday, and I was on my way home to dinner such as it was (bland, I’m still recovering from stomach flu) but I did stop.  I was driving, but it was impossible not to notice the day-glo colours, the sun pillar spiking the sky & the iconic barn on the horizon.  It was a distraction; my first impulse (safety first) was to tear my eyes away, look ahead down the road along an avenue of snow dusted pavement.  My second was to think and realize I could, after all, just stop.  Dinner could wait just a few more minutes, traffic, if it arrived could get around me, and maybe they’d look and notice too.  So I did just that, and in some small part captured the moment to share it with you.


Living In Aurora Blogger said...

That is great moment you captured. I love sunsets and sunrises too. They really paint the horizon with all the shades yellows, reds and oranges. I probably would stop too in case like that, but my little future Olympian, lol, is still impatient or I have to let him take pictures. But I always enjoy looking at them, good think I have husband to drive us around, lol.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and thanks for visiting my blog. I know you said before you on dial up, no worries, I am not any better, and I have DSL (damn these things are expensive).

Thanks again for beautiful sunset, and inspiration.

Anna :)

Jennifer Rose said...

that is a gorgeous shot! the colours are perfect :D traffic can sit and honk all it wants with a scene like that to look at

Jenny Bennett said...

Oh, what a gorgeous orange! Yes, we have to remember to stop and look. And--also--to really see what it is that we're looking at! The other night I woke up and turned on the outside floodlight to see if a predicted snowfall had started yet. I saw the flakes spinning through the dark, and then--fortunately--I kept looking for a few minutes, realizing that under those conditions of light I could see little currents and pulsations of wind in the motion of the snowflakes: a downdraft off the roof, little breaths of wind out of the north. And I realized that it was utterly beautiful!

kaslkaos said...

Anna, thanks, & it's a pleasure visiting your blog. DSL is not available here, go figure!
Jennifer, there was no traffic! I'm a pretty careful person afterall & had this scene all to myself, well, until I shared it here. Thanks!
Jenny, thanks, and what an observation (snowflakes), a lesson there. Makes me wonder what things we fail to notice because we forget to 'look'

Chrissy said...

Ingrid, I thank you for this.... :) I checked it out one day in the week when I was up to my eyes in proper work but it brightened my day when I was just taking a look as my computer ticked on in the background. Beautiful sunset, you may or may not have realised by now that I stop by far too much, normally on the way into work, lol

kaslkaos said...

Chrissy, I think then, this message is definitely not for you. You already know the importance of those moments and share them too.
Glad it brightened a busy day.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Breathtaking.... Wow!
I stop all the time, bu the problem has been I haven't been getting out at all.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, I hope you can get out more soon. Spring is coming.


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