Friday, March 5, 2010

A Tale Told By Five Pencils – Colour Theory!


Five pencils, count ‘em, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.  Here are 6 ACEO’s done with the following pencils Prismacolor, 949 Silver (outliner only, not fill), 915 Lemon Yellow, 930 Magenta, 1027 Peacock Blue, 945 Sienna Brown.

I hate colour wheels; they are boring. So instead, I delved deep into the realm of the abstract to see how far I could push the colour range using only primary colours (magenta, yellow, cyan) + one neutral (sienna). The grey’s were especially fun.

This project felt like alchemy, turning lead into gold or getting a rainbow out of four pencils is all magic to me.  Mixing paint colours, well, I learned that ages ago, but in coloured pencil you can see all the original colours (optical mixing) and at the same time register ‘red’ ‘brown’ ‘chartreuse’ ‘orange’ ‘plum’. (you may want to click on the image for more detail)

Actually practicing colour theory (as above) has far greater benefits beyond the page.  I now see the world in techno-colour. Tree bark is no longer ‘brown’ or ‘grey’ but a brilliant mix of pinks, greens, silvers & blues, etc.. The snow is never again just white, but full of sky, and leaf and sun.  Clouds are a blend a million shades. So change your life; practice your colour theory.


Um, & if you don’t already know, cyan + yellow = greens, magenta + yellow = red (or orange depending on the blend), cyan + magenta = blues & purples


Chrissy said...

Yeah but I use ORANGE and YELLOW in everything.......I am laughing, it's true tho'

kaslkaos said...

The yellows are a quick way of bringing the foreground forewards, actually. And of course it makes sense, it's essential.

Jennifer Rose said...

i am always amazed when people don't know basic colour theory, such simple stuff. I really do think that it helps people see the colours that can be in simple objects that they might have not noticed before and why colours can change they way things look.

really nice aceos :) seeing how other artists interpret the colour wheel is great, as it also helps to see colours in different ways :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, I remember being taught (in high school) that the primary colours were red blue & yellow! And could never figure out why I couldn't make purple with red & blue (the red was fire engine red & blue was a cobalt so together they made puce). This could explain why people don't know colour theory!


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