Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fish Tank


More gelatin printing and relief linocut. 9x12. I used horsetail (the plant) for the reedy texture in the background.

I’ve been wanting to do some fishtank art for awhile. I’m not sure, but I don’t think I’ve said much about my aquarium before, although I see it every day. It sits right beside the television, and depending on the programming I’ll choose instead to watch the fish channel. Unlike the wires & tubes version there’s always something worth watching on FishTV.


I suppose I don’t talk about it for two reasons.

1. I’m not an aquarium hobbyist. I take a hands off laissez faire attitude to the whole thing. Turn lights on, let the plants run rampant, sprinkle daily a small amount of fish food and the rest takes care of itself, more or less.

2. It’s an incredibly artificial environment.


The second reason is the one I’m rethinking. It is in the home, a window into another world, a world that we can only enter in a limited way. In summer, I make an effort to watch fish do their thing. I stand over bridges looking down into the shallows, or watch for fish jumping in the lake. If you stand still in the shallows, sunfish will usually oblige you and come in for a nibble. But the fish tank is always available, a dynamically preserved memory of a summer day.


& more gelatin & relief linocut printing


Jenny said...

I like the transparency of these prints. Very appropriate for water!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jenny. Doing these print (new technique) is an adventure.

Jennifer Rose said...

i love the prints :D I do miss having a fish tank, it can be so neat and relaxing to have one (unless the fish start eating themselves :/ stupid oscars :p shame they are so pretty)

kaslkaos said...

"eating themselves"??? Please explain. I know my fish eat their babies, but that's just normal--for fish.

Jennifer Rose said...

Oscars can be aggressive, not all the time tho, with mine the larger started to eat the smaller :/ I must not have been feeding them enough :( Dad's cichlids were the same way, the bigger more aggressive ones ate the weaker ones and I know they were getting feds enough.


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