Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers


Image: more sunshine in my mailbox. These images are all from Chrissy Marie: a lovely parchment fold book of her art, a constructed collage card made by hand, and an original atc. The snail, up close and personal is awesome in it’s detail and subtlety (now I know what I’m missing when I see art online).

So this is the Kindness of Strangers Post. Below is a short and incomplete list of things that folks who had no obligation to me have given or done.

moose meat & rides up at Lake Superior Provincial Park when our car broke down

free tire repair from Kal Tire Sault Saint Marie (on our way home from Lake Superior Provincial Park)--different trip

my current printer, a box of paper, sundry electronic items (thanks, you know who you are)

Hosta Plantaginea (big beautiful shiny apple green, bearing huge pure white flowers that fill the air with exquisite perfume), from a plant trader, only I didn’t have anything to trade back.

uneven art trades (as in I got more than I gave), as above, and a beautiful aceo sized original painting from Michelle (Artscapes)

free room & board and pseudo parental guidance about five weekends per year (my mysterious ‘friends’ who ‘live in the woods’)

an oval jade stone (a flea market vendor who saw me with empty wallet ogling his wares)

I’m sure there are more, many more, and not going into bigger stuff, family & relations and such. Each has a story, but that would be a VERY LONG post. If you’re extra curious, I’m willing to tell.

And a BIG THANK YOU to the kindness of strangers (well, you were all a stranger at one point in time), and that includes you my merry band of bloggers that keep coming back.

PS. Stranger being defined as people who didn't know me at one point in time (unlike family, or mutual friends, etc.)


Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Beautiful post. You know good things happen to good people, so you must be on of them :). Anna

Jennifer Rose said...

does make you realize that there are nice people in the world still :D
I really have to do something for you and Chrissy, you have both sent me lovely stuff and I need to do the same :)

Chrissy said...

Glad it got there ok. I am constantly amazed at how quickly these things cross the world nowadays :D
I love your list too........I can think of a few like that right now too :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Anna, but I think it's really 'kudo's' to the 'strangers' who just do stuff, 'because'. I hope you have a happy list too.
Jennifer, the book & other stuff was thanks for all the blog love, BUT...I think a little book would be an excellent exercise for you. I think you would really like the result.
Chrissy, I've been snailmailing for ages, and Britain and Europe just ROCK for postal exchanges. So fast! I've sent african violet leaves to Britain & had them arrive alive.
I think, I hope, everyone has a list like this in their head. The bad list is always longer. It's good to rehash the 'good' list & make it front & centre.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

What an uplifting post!
Thanks for the mention but hardly deserved...

We had a similar experience with tire people in Sault Ste Marie... RV tires... LOL!

I am inspired to make a list...

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, makes Sault Ste. Marie seem like a nice place to live...it's one of my dreams anyway.
I'd love to see your list.


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