Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Postcard Print Exchange


This year I participated in a postcard print exchange. I got my heads-up from my printmaking friend (hers is on the upper left).  Mine (I kept a missprint) is on the lower left.  One of the participants has a blog (her contribution is bottom right).  She’s done an exemplary job of posting all of hers front AND back, with a detailed explanation of the project on her blog: Maria Regina Pinto Pereira .

Since she did such a fabulous job of it, I’ll just give you the short version. Make 13 prints, mail them to the Iowa State University (separately, so they each get postmarked), and in a few months you will receive 12 postcards from participants, and the 13th is kept on display at the University.

Here’s the really silly thing. Of course my friend and I sent each other ‘artist proofs’ ahead of time (top left). The one I’m showing you was not part of the exchange, but she got one of mine which was surely a disappointment (getting a duplicate just defeats the purpose).  I thought ‘what are the chances’?  But out of 352 participants, we each get 12, well you do the math. Actually, please do the math. I would love an accurate statistical analysis.

PS. the display is held up by a shipment of magnets (the round black dots) I received from my friend. I’ve hung a blank canvas on my ‘office’ door and little magnet sandwiches hold the postcards in place.


MaRegina said...

very nice!I liked a lot this exchange.
kisses and success always


Jennifer Rose said...

*tries to do the math.....head blows up* :p

so many lovely pieces of art and the exchange is a great idea

Missy Ricco said...

LOL @ Jennifer Rose - yes my brain exploded as well.

I love miniatures, quick to do, fun to imagine.

Interesting idea about the exchange...

kaslkaos said...

Thanks MaRegina for visiting my blog, and your postcard!
Jennifer, hoping you've found all the pieces and have your head put back together, more or less.
Missy Ricco, and everyone, if you want to participate next year, let me know and I'll pass the info along. If you are not already a printmaker, well, there is plenty of time!

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Interesting concept. Sorry, I think it is too late for me to do the math, lol. Anna :)

kaslkaos said...

The math is killing all of us. Still waiting for a statistics nerd to drop in...


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