Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rainbows in My Mailbox


Above Image: Gelatin print, & linocut, hand-pulled monoprint, approxiamately 7”x7” (depending on how you crop it). Ink, below.10041002rainbows

Look! See! What I found in my mail. A whole entire rainbow of assorted inks!

This was, entirely unasked for. A gift from a stranger (well, not so much a stranger anymore).

Once upon a time, I tried to sell some aceo’s on ebay. Sales did not transpire; but I did make acquaintance with a fellow printmaker, or, at least, she ‘said’ she was a printmaker. Sight unseen, I offered to trade. What the heck, I thought, since it didn’t sell anyway, I have nothing to lose but the postage and my pride.

I got MUCH MUCH more than I bargained for in return. The trade items I received were custom work featuring my favourite things (this stranger researched my blog to find out what I most liked), and thereafter, there has been correspondence.

At Christmas, it seemed only natural to include her on my XMas list. In return, she sent me samples of the origami books I’m doing, plus encouragement that I should ‘do my own’.

When I sent Issue #1, she sent back such a glowing critique of it that I forwarded it to my husband. Ooops. He accidentally replied to her an email meant for me. That innocent mistake upped the level of intimacy just a tad.

Next thing I knew, I found a rainbow in my mailbox. A box filled with tubes of assorted ink in every colour. Perhaps, at one point in time I mentioned having trouble squeezing too much colour from a tube (because I’m overly frugal), but there it was. More ink than I know what to do with, plus a note saying that now I that I have colour, I should use it. And another note that I really should look up gelatin printing on the net and try it out.

So I did.

There is much more to this story. But online reading gives me eyestrain, and I always assume the same for you, so I try to keep things short. I just was so excited about the rainbows in my mailbox, I had to share. There will be more on gelatin prints and the gift of mentoring (and will I too be able to give back in that way someday?) later. I’ve been wanting to do a post on the kindness of strangers for a long time. So maybe, I’ll show you gelatin print #2 next post, along with that list.


Chrissy said...

It is lovely but I love the story too. There really are some great people out there.
Some people just reach beyond the miles and I love it.
I also love the concept of the person who sent rainbows to your mailbox :)
And, I am in awe of both of you for fabulous designs in a medium that is way beyond me...

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Wow that is such a nice gesture. Thanks for sharing your story, and lol on 'That innocent mistake upped the level of intimacy just a tad.' - that was funny, and that is something I am afraid of, because I did it lucky me it was no reply email, lol. Very nice gelatin print. Anna :)

Jennifer Rose said...

that is so great! I am always amazed at how generous the online people we meet can be :) case in point, the books and art cards both you and chrissy have sent me. You both have inspired me to make up something to repay the kindness.

I love all the colours. you can never have too many :D

kaslkaos said...

Chrissy, I'm sure it's not "beyond you", just a matter of only so much time in the world. If you ever want to try it, just google gelatin printmaking.
Aurora, yes, he sent a gushy congratulations email meant for me to her. Oops. Now she's on a 1st name basis with both of us. ;-)
Thanks Jennifer, what goes around comes around. This being an example. I hope my blood donations count, because having a box load of ink shipped across the border is more than I've ever done for anybody (shhh... of course she's getting one of gelatin prints soon).


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