Thursday, May 6, 2010

Every Life Is Its Own Universe


Eastern Newt, Red Eft (terrestrial phase), seen on the trail in Uxbridge, Glen Major Tract


4x6 Gelatin Print & linocuts. I promised the little newt that he’d be a linocut (although that sounds like a threat) and if you look close, you’ll see a bit of salamander in the print amongst lots of other creeping and crawling ground things. The phrase “Every life is its own universe” is a particular belief of mine, that we all process the information of our world in our own way, so no two perceived ‘realities’ are the same. I figure it extends all the way down and respecting life is a duty. It doesn’t mean I’m a vegetarian or would never slap a mosquito. Death is part of the deal, as is eat and be eaten; it’s more a philosophical nuance that leaves plenty of room for personal hypocrisy.

This postcard is going to Postcards to the G8, Muskoka, Ontario, hoping to nudge up the importance of the environment, one can always hope. There is still time to participate (due May15th)

And if you want to know more about the little guy in the photo, here’s a good source: Animal Diversity


Michelle (artscapes) said...

I'm impressed how far that little project has gone. I am a member of the organization doing that...

I love the way you see the world. I know I say that all the time - but I do! I can't wait to see this person at the exhibition in June... I used to love to play with salamanders on the side of the road when I was a kid.

kaslkaos said...

My friend from Nebraska will be sending something along too!
I've never seen a salamander by the road. I used to look under every rotten log in the woods, though. My husband still remembers me doing that (and getting annoyed with me). I stopped doing it when I stopped finding them. I can't remember finding the red eft though.
& thanks, it's always good to share ones universe with another.

Chrissy said...

Your newt is beautiful and the piece of art is stunning, I could look at it for ages.
I also smiled at your comments, I am not a vegetarian either and mossies and ants (in the house) are fair game! But, it is not really hypocrisy. I used to tell my step children, if you go fishing, then throw it back alive but if you kill it then make sure you eat it.

kaslkaos said...

Your story just about fleshes it out--the difference between pulling wings off flies and swatting one that lands for a bite.
& Thanks! These gelatin prints have softer detail and I always wonder if they get lost on the net.

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh very nice :D so many shapes to look at, can see the newt but also reminds me a lot of some fantasy animals.
pretty much the only thing that gets killed around here are maggots blah turn me into a screaming girl :p and then they get killed
I've seen salamanders before but then i was usually too busy trying to get the dog away from it so it wasn't eaten :/

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Wow this is excellent. Nice salamander photo, I didn't know we had those here in Ontario. Anna :)

kaslkaos said...

OOoooooo, maggots, yuck. I guess their are some creeping things that really gross me out. How come I'm the only one that never saw a salamander on the road?
Anna, I think the red eft is the first one I've ever seen, and then a second one on the same day! Just lucky.


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