Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Something Green


Complaining about the weather is something of a national sport, but this weekends cold spring rains revealed remarkable beauty. I wish I could describe all the shades of green I saw while walking along the south border of Glen Major Tract, Uxbridge, but I’m left speechless. All I can really say is that every single shade of green that I did see was distinctly luminous. Unlike many artists, I actually love the flat light that illuminates the forest on overcast days. Colour and shape take centre stage, without the contrast of light and shadow to distract the eye.

We’ve had some appropriately wet weather in the past few days, and I’m mesmerized by the glowing greens. I’m determined to make this the subject of my next mixed media/coloured pencil piece, but I dither. Green is not the easiest colour to handle. Some artists even avoid it all together, usually with the pithy excuse that it somehow to ‘common’ or ‘obvious’ a colour, and that an artist should see beyond—yeah, whatever. This probably explains why most of my pieces are winter scenes when you can really get playful with colour, but now I’m determined to tackle the colour green.

Below, some ATC’s where I’m desperately trying to work things out before I commit to a larger piece.



Jennifer Rose said...

I love green :D and am really looking forward with what you do with your ATCs :) they look good even little studies, show the light really nicely :)

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

And you know what else is funny about the green color, the photos with green are the biggest in size. So I tend to usually filter them very well to thin hair, because they really take up a lot of space. Well, about complaining, weather is funny these days, I don't know what to wear anymore, I wear warm clothes on warm weather, and light clothing on cold weather. The thing is that I have 2 year old who will not come back home once he is out, lol. Happy spring to you too. Anna :)


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