Friday, June 4, 2010

Sometimes Size Does Matter


This one’s big, really big—bigger than my open hand, gosh darned down right huge!!! And I must admit, beauty that it is, the size alone is impressive.

This is the oriental poppy I’ve grown in my garden for years, right up front by the road where everyone can see it. And, trust me, passersby are duly impressed.

Overhead conversation between father and son.

Father: Look at that! (pointing to poppy)

Son (just a little guy): Oh! Wow! They’re BIG!

Father: Yes, they are.

See, guys enjoy pretty pink flowers too, as long as they are suitably BIG!

PS. 1 day left to the show, all the necessities are packed. Everything else is gravy.


Chrissy said...

I am so thinking of you....have a great time. You are amazing, I so hope you have fun :D

Living In Aurora Blogger said...

Lol that is funny, but that unusually big for the poppy. I like poppies, they are such a nice gentle flower. Wish there was more of those in the wild. In Europe we used to grow them for poppy seeds. Anna :) PS good luck with your show.

Jennifer Rose said...

ooh very pretty pink poppy :D
have a great time at the show :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much for all of your best wishes! I just got back from the show. My head hurts, way out of my comfort zone socially, but printmakers are very nice friendly people.
Living in Aurora, heh, my poppies are on the 9th line, top of the hill south of Sunny's. You should do a driveby.
And yes, they are REALLY BIG!

Jenny Bennett said...

Wow! I always tell people that I prefer native plants in my own garden, but I have to admit that I am impressed by such a stunner!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jenny. My main criterion for the garden is 'does it thrive with neglect' as I never spray, rarely weed, only very occasional dump a bit of compost. (I do compost, but it never seems to amount to much). This poppy grows up at the road exposed to sun, wind, road salt & thrives in builders sand. So I'm basically impressed with ANYTHING that would grow there.
As for wild flowers, my favourite is milkweed, &'s illegal in my province.


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