Thursday, June 17, 2010

Star Factory


I’m never sure, when it comes to abstraction, who, if any, will “get it”. And while I hate having to explain my art, I am absurdly fond of this one. I love as astronomy in a most amateur way; while I don’t own a telescope, and can only name about 4 constellations (you probably can name the same ones), I love the idea of billions and billions of stars being out there, and while our planet is small and finite, beyond it’s confines there is space, lots of it, filled with fascinating things like dark matter and black holes, exploding stars and nebulae, gas giant planets and their earth sized satellites, oh I could go on and on…and not just billions of stars, but get beyond that, you get galaxies, and if you can follow the theory, whole universes. But never mind, I have no affinity for science beyond a layman’s love.

Above is a gelatin print. The red smoosh, is what artists like to call a ‘happy accident’. Actually experiment… the result sat in my pile for some time waiting for step two. I followed up with blue patterns from glassware & little star linocuts. The smoosh, right from the beginning brought to mind those fabulous photos of nebula, the birth place of stars. For the final touch I just painted in some nebulous blue shapes and added sparkle. Art does not need to be literal, and there is more than one way to interpret the universe.

And because I can’t participate myself (I’m on dial-up—too slow), try out the Galaxy Zoo, where you can learn how to categorize galaxies, and should you pass the online test, you can help catalogue the universe as an online volunteer.

PS. I’ve just been asked to exhibit in Nature’s Creations, at the Fall Forest Festival, in York Regional Forest. I am HUGELY exited! Imagine the opportunity to exhibit art in the very forest one has depicted to people who have walked, or will walk those very same pathways. The thought is somewhat surreal. I have an unknown “Forester” to thank. There are people in this world who are being exceedingly kind to me.

PPS. working on ‘something green’ in coloured pencil. More on that later.


Laurel said...

This is lovely! I'm following you on Bloglovin. It's great for following blogs but I don't know if it would work with dail-up. Congradulations on being in a show in the York Regional Forest!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Laurel! For stopping by & the congrats. The invite feels like a 'if you build it they will come' moment.

Jennifer Rose said...

that is great about being asked to exhibit! :D that is very surreal

i like seeing abstract art, even if I am sometimes not polite with my opinion of it lol i like how so many people can get different ideas about and from the art, often not what the artist had intended in the first place :)

Jenny said...

Without a title, I'm not sure I would have associated your powerful image with astronomical kinds of things, but it has a lovely energy about it. To me, it's powerful just in the abstract...if that even makes sense!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, surreal indeed...
And thanks Jenny. Could also be that the scanned image just doesn't reveal the silver galaxy shaped things and little stars. Metallics frustrate all efforts at scanning.


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