Tuesday, June 22, 2010

White Admiral and the fist of God


Mixed skies, and a passing storm produced this arresting image last Sunday from my verandah. Can’t help but see some religious overtones in this one, and not one of baby faced angels, more like Revelations and the wrath of God. Do you see the four horsemen riding in?


And on a completely different note, this butterfly kindly took a few moments out of its busy schedule to pose for a picture. It is a White Admiral and it was busy flitting through the Hollidge Tract, York Regional Forest.

And photo’s is all you get this week. Busy, busy, and my WIP of something green is, well, not allowed out right now…as in, I am NOT happy with its progress, and I am NOT willing to share. It’s been to long since I’ve done coloured pencils and it feels like starting over. I may try solvents on it.

PS. Blogger added Pages. I've created two. Art for sale, and About this blog. Are the buttons noticeable enough? I am not much of a marketer, so any help appreciated. And while a blog post is ephemeral enough I don't care too much about typo's, if you find some on those Pages, please let me know. Thanks.


Jenny said...

I have always loved those "God beams" that are created by the shadows of clouds in bright sunlight. They make me think of neither angels nor the apocalypse but of busy Rococco paintings by someone like Tiepolo--all kinds of creatures gliding and soaring across the sky. That kind of art used to leave me cold, but I read an interesting book about it and began to like it.

LivingInAurora.ca said...

Oh I always enjoy clouds, sometime I wish I could be in them, lol. So you see horseman, you know not me, but I see falling donkey or horse, lol, the beam is other story, lol.

This is such a nice photo of the butterfly too. We don't have many here, but I guess they come with the flowers.

The pages you created are very nice - straight from the heart. I do web site design occasionally, and if I get to choose between the blogging style versus web site, I would blogging. It is a lot more personal, and it feels like you really talking to us.

Well done, your work is amazing!

Anna :)

Missy Ricco said...

On my way to work there is a spot I pass where the sunlight creates finger beams through the trees on a foggy morning. Nature can take your breath away. The moment you captured was very beautiful.

(PS the pages look good! The cat drawing is so cute :)

Chrissy said...

Great photo's....I love the Admiral butterfly, I have never seen a white one! As for not showing any art, I haven't posted much up in ages. I go through art, photo and craft periods and not normally at the same time.
So, you have a piece that isn't coming together so well, those blimmin' marbles were like that but with thanks to you, I did rescue them in the end.

As I am playing catchcup, I must say I really enjoyed the abstract piece below, incredible imagination lady :) I must also say thank you for the second itty bitty book, I forgot before I went away ~ which was very rude of me. Methinks I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. But, it was lovely to find it on my mantelpiece when I got back off my hols :)

I shall go and check out new pages now :D

kaslkaos said...

Back from a mini-holiday to see so many friendly bloggers. THANKS!
Jenny, you have me curious about that art; will you be blogging it? Hmmm....
LivinginAurora, I don't actually 'see' the horses, just the ominous quality of the black beam of light. The butterfly was in the forest, so what you need is a walk in the woods. Thanks for the compliment. Of course I'm talking to you! And such a pleasant conversation too.
Missy Rocco, your words make a great capture of the moment too, but I've already noticed you are a poet from your blogs. The cats are two of three, Archer & Lennier, and they cuddle just like that.
Thanks Chrissy, glad you had a well-deserved holiday. Catch up gently. And thank you! Glad you went back to those marbles. Mine is cooling as I move on to another for now.


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