Friday, July 2, 2010

Am I Beautiful?


Six-Spotted Fishing Spider, dolomedes triton

Thank you to my friend Rike, who identified this spider for me from one of her numerous BIG BOOKS, and sent me the following:

“Our big book tells us it is a Six-spotted Fishing Spider (Dolomedes triton). 9-20 mm, it is a common and distinctively marked fishing spider. Fishing spiders use the whole water surface as a web, picking up on the vibrations made by insects on the surface just as many other spiders detect insects struggling in their webs.

Fishing spiders carry their huge egg sacs up front, under the head and cephalothorax, unlike similar wolf spiders (Lycosidae), which carry their egg sacs behind the body.

Fishing spider females can have a leg span of over 80 mm.”

Found and photographed at Kakakise Lake, Killarney Provincial Park.

PS. had MUCH more to say on the nature of beauty, etc.. but somehow managed to accidentally delete the post; all attempts to reconstruct such musings ended on a cul de sac of frustration, so perhaps in the comments section, you can lead the discussion on beauty, and answer the spiders question of Am I Beautiful?


Jennifer Rose said...

ack!! runs away!

:p nah thats a really cool looking spider and beautiful in its own way. and very cool how they have evolved to use the water as a giant web

Chrissy said...

I am not sure about "beautiful"....
Fascinating would be my description. I spend hours watching them.. I don't have a fear of spiders and I have been bitten a couple of times, despite a lot of people saying that they can't.
As Jen says "beautiful in it's own way" and amazing to me how things evolve in certain situations.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, it's okay to run away, she was a BIG ONE, but very polite.
Chrissy, fascinating is another good word & maybe the photo doesn't do it justice. This spider is a translucent parrot green, with sky blue & banana yellow markings.
& yes, some spiders bite, and they can leave blue lesions that last for many months. I know, because the husband had one, and made him go to the doctor thinking it was skin cancer. My mum had one too, same deal, open sore, blue skin, lasts months (6 +) Major creep factor for me, good for you not to be afraid, I am if they are dangling overhead. said...

Its hard to say that the spider is beautiful. Well they are on the pictures. Nature is wonderful, created things for us we like and for us not to like, lol. Excellent photo, and good info. Anna :)


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