Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hemlock Glade – coloured pencil


Hemlock Glade, York Regional Forest, Hollidge Tract, 9”x12” watercolour paper, watersoluble coloured pencils, Prismacolor pencils.

This one has been percolating for many weeks, on the back of the couch, the mantelpiece, my workspace, stashed in the dark out of sight, instinct said ‘finished’ but it was not what I set out to do. I had planned a piece that would be dense with colour, texture, technique but instead, early on it seemed to be saying all the things I wanted to say, in a ‘less is more’ sort of way.  So, I put it aside, in sight, and out of sight, to make time to decide. Well, I have, and it’s done.  I’ll leave the white spaces to tell the tale, and let your minds eye do the job of filling in the details, make the leaps of colour, etc.. I may later indulge in the time honoured tradition of multiple ‘studies’, and this will be #1, and do another much darker version.  But this one, I declare finished.

And, RE: NEW LOOK ON THE BLOG: Comments welcome. Here’s the scoop. My blog is, and always will be a personal journal with room for roughs, snapshots and banter, but as I do not plan on creating a seperate Artist Website, this will have to do as a ‘go to’ url on my cards. That said, I’m trying for a more professional 1st impression. Is this it? Is the old deep blue version better? My husband thinks I need to add more colour, but I can’t think how without things looking cluttered, and or clashing with the art/photo of an individual post. Just asking….


Laurel said...

I like the monochromatic look. It makes the colors in your art stand out:)

dbltall said...

I can see the artwork better with the new lighter background.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Laurel & dbltall. Really appreciate the feedback. It's quite easy easy to change colours around, much harder to decide to do so.

Missy Ricco said...

I like the new look. Clean, elegant.

Jennifer Rose said...

its a good look, I think if you add too much colour it will clash with your colourful art so simple is good :)

i love how much light i get from looking at this piece :)

Chrissy said...

I do think it makes your work stand out....But, as I say, I am forever changing mine anyway!
Your glade looks like a summer glade, lovely :D

Cyd said...

I love the new piece! And the new look. It's bright and clean and fresh, and as I've mentioned before, I find the lighter background with dark text much easier on the eyes.

kaslkaos said...

Back from a long weekend in the woods. Seems like the juries out, and the blog stays clean and monochrome.
This is the 1st year I've really tackling 'summer' in my cp 'style', a challenge from the freedom of 'winter' pics. Thanks so much.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love hemlocks... Beautiful!

As for the site change, I have to say the monochrome is nice - I just am not big on the background. It looks like sponge wall treatment. I'd go with a solid gray... But that's just my opinion, for what it's worth!


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