Saturday, August 7, 2010

In the Company of Adventurers


Borrowing a title from Canadian historical literature here. In the Company of Adventurers is a part of a history of Canada, by Peter Newman, quite engaging and exciting. When I visit my friends on the Magnetawan River, I feel like the adventure continues. Here’s Rike, clambering across the rocks, scaring the pants off her husband, “what can I do, she just goes ahead and does these things.” he says, flapping his hands and looking resigned.  She’s about 20 years my senior but I confess, my rock scrabbling days are over. There are places I will not follow. Of course, perhaps I’m just more cautious.


And, while enjoying the trails, we girls got quite excited about the giant green caterpillar.  While the men stroll off ahead, we engaged in a joint ‘photoshoot’, Vogue for invertebrates.  Later, we pored through their HUGE collection of field guides and discovered this is the caterpillar of the Polyphemus Moth.

Bees, flowers, spiders, frogs, etc… also merit equal treatment, and we kept our eyeballs and cameras busy.


Alas, I couldn’t identify this one. Cute as a button, and singular, I didn’t do what it takes to get a decent i.d.. Basically, picking and slicing crosswise would have given me some important information, like scales or pores, colours of same, and colour of flesh, texture, etc.. But I had no heart to destroy such a photogenic subject. Perhaps Rike will find and identify it at a later stage in its life.


And while Rike stopped often for scattered brambles, I passed them by. The berry picking up at Magnetawan (north of Parry Sound) is slim compared to the Brugelesque feast I’ve been treated to at home.  The red raspberries we small and few, the black berries anaemic and sour. Unspoiled by plenty, Rike found these stingy morsels all delightful. The picture above is a mixed handful from my home stomping grounds, York Regional forest. Juicy tart thimbleberries, succulent red raspberries, and delicious blackberries. This mixed handful was a connoisseurs treat.


Jennifer Rose said...

when i was younger I wouldn't have thought twice about climbing all over those rocks...might do it on a dare now lol

Chrissy said...

Looks like a lovely trip....I can never bring myself to pick things either, well not for the sake of an ID ~ edible is different. Nice berries :) said...

Wow that for sure was like a fun trip. Its been two years for me since I gone to anything like that, and I am really itching, lol, to go somewhere. Its hard with children, but hey raising Matthew right now is the best thing ever anyway. Glad you had fun, love the caterpillar photo. Anna :)


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