Friday, September 3, 2010

Into the Green Woods


Usually, it is just me, my camera and my eyes in the woods.  But, September 11th, my art will be travelling into the woods right along with me.  It will, to say the least, seem a bit surreal, to have my art hanging in the woods in the very woods that inspired it. And, of course I’m more than a wee bit nervous, and I’ve been busy getting ready, and of course, I’ll never feel ready. I’m still a neophyte at this game. as this will be the first time I’ll have my coloured pencil work on display—and in the woods! Sorry to repeat that, but I just can’t get my around it.

I will be showing at Nature's Creations, York Regional Forest, from 10am to 2pm, Hollidge Tract, located on Hwy 48, North of Aurora Sideroad, the entrance being on the west side opposite Cherry Street. Google Map/Hollidge Tract

I’ll be bringing me, my husband, my ‘forest’ coloured pencil art, my hand-printed linocut t’s (lots), my gelatin and relief prints,  and art reproduction & digital photography cards.  I’ll probably have my travelling kit in hand so that I can add to my 365 Art Project to pass the time. Hopefully I won’t look too scary and folks will enjoy browsing. I’ll try to put my “I’m friendly and MOSTLY harmless” face on. Maybe I should make up a sign stating same, just in case.

There are other artists and craftspeople to see and enjoy, horse drawn wagon rides and guided walks.  You’ll need to check the schedule, as I believe some events start early.

Maybe I’ll see you there…

Image: 8x10 watercolour paper, coloured pencil.  June in Walker Woods, Uxbridge.


Jenny said...

I can't imagine you presenting a scary appearance to anyone--unless you start brandishing that terrible exacto knife! I WISH I could magically transport myself up there that day--to meet you in person and to enjoy what sounds like a very full program of events.

Missy Ricco said...

Cool greens and lime overtones, a lovely colour scheme in this picture.

Laurel said...

This sounds like a magical event. Wishing you great weather. I would love to come if I can fit it in, but that's a really busy weekend. Have fun! and don't say Boo!

Chrissy said...

I suspect that you will be really busy then getting ready for it now. I hope you have a great time, it sounds fabulous ~ I wish I could see it :-)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jenny; now that would really be a surprise, star trek style. I will try to keep the x-acto knife out of view.
Thanks Missy, great to hear from you.
Thankyou Laurel. Promise not to say Boo! to anyone.
Chrissy, you've got it right. I'm feeling flustered right now. I probably will not be the much good at blogging and such for a bit.
Thanks all!


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