Thursday, September 30, 2010

Really Big Show


Well, maybe not REALLY BIG but I really wanted to use that title. The day before I left for holidays in Lake Superior and Killarney Provincial Parks, I had a show date at Hollidge Tract, York Regional Forest. As I enjoy tech free holidays (not counting an ancient b/w Palm Pilot upon which I read books—this time Dostoeyevsky’s ‘The Gambler’), the show synopsis just had to wait until I got back, physically and mentally.


Here’s the spread. The table was provided, and the facilities had a beautiful natural pine wall. The gridwall (white grid) is a recent investment and it made for a really great display that was quick to put up, and take down. If you ever need to buy any, just do local search on ‘gridwall’ for your area. It’s a specialty item, Toronto has about 2 stores that sell it. I could not find anyone selling used gridwall at the time.


In the afternoon we took a break and enjoyed a horsedrawn wagon ride through the woods. This was courtesy of the York Regional Forest staff, who manned the booth for us so that my husband and I could enjoy the break together. The staff were wonderfully welcoming; coffee was provided, and as I’d showed up the day before (on my regular walk, actually) I was given a choice of locations. They also spelled out other vendors (some of whom showed up alone) for more necessary breaks.

It was an exciting day for both myself and husband, but I must admit that by the end of it we were both exhausted as we contemplated a 9 hour drive to Lake Superior the very next day.

This was my debut show in a way, as friends and blog readers showed up throughout the day, and their support was priceless! One of my husband’s friends travelled quite far just to say ‘hi’ at the last hour. I was so tired by then that I was a less than gracious host, and mostly provided ‘the long stare’ of exhaustion. I owe them a ‘thank you’ note for sure. Someday, I hope to stress out just a little less for these events.

PS. Thank you blog readers, who put up with my ‘Wish You Were Here’ postdated holiday posts. Given the nature of google, I wanted to make sure there was fresh content during my absence. I’m just getting back into the swing of things this week, and hopefully by Saturday noon, I’ll have been sociable with all of you.


Laurel said...

Gridwall does make things easier. Your booth looks great! said...

Looks like someone been busy. Congrats on your Really Big Show. One year I had photo restoration booth. Booth was small, but I was proud of myself, lol. It is nice to give yourself tap on the shoulder, lol. Well done, and btw that is nice horse ride! Anna :)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I must have been in my own world not to know about this. I wish I had been there!
Glad you had a great trip.

kaslkaos said...

Laurel, thanks for the tip on gridwall! And I took my own advice about consistent framing and like it.
Anna, yep, VERY busy. But things will settle down now. Thanks for stopping by.
Michelle, yes I did! And will blog about it too, hopefully along with some watercolours of the journey (done at home as I'm WAY to busy on my holidays to do art)


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