Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wish You Were Here Part 4


Rhyolite Cove, Lake Superior Provincial Part—It’s a very long dayhike!


Early autumn colours at Killarney Provincial Park, Cranberry Bog Trail

Photo’s from 2009


Jennifer Rose said...

long hike but looks worth it with water that looks like that :)

Quiltbug said...

I would love to be there. What a great vacation you are having.

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, the water is COLD! The beach is volcanic rock and sole-shredding, but the scenery is fantastic. The water is tasty too, actually.
Quiltbug, it was great. Year after year. Thanks!

Jenny said...

This is a bit late (I've been away for a while), but I really enjoyed the scene of the rocks under the bright sunlight. I like the flowing quality of the colors and shapes.

kaslkaos said...

Never too late, Jenny. The pics are from last year anyway, but we did the same all over again this year, visiting Rhyolite Cove yet again (although this year it was too wet for my husband to get away with sprawling across warm rocks).


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