Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nature’s Calling

Morning on the Magnetawan, 8x10 watercolour (available at Etsy).
I have friends that live in the woods, literally. They inhabit a small cottage on the Magnetawan River, a property which is now nestled well within the boundaries of Magnetawan Provincial Park. They live a lifestyle that is a strange contrast in luxury and austerity. For instance, they watch opera nightly on their flat screen tv, they read classic literature to one another within the comfort of their lakeside gazebo, but, lacking plumbing, they must venture into the great outdoors for each and every call of nature be it during the warmth of the day, or depths of a cold winter night. When I visit them, as I did this Thanksgiving, I share the lifestyle for a few brief days.
During the day, the visits to the, um, gravity operated facilities, are not a bad thing. If you leave the door open, live entertainment is provided in the form of tame chickadees that converge on nearby saplings. And while it takes no small degree of multitasking, one can reach into a handy can of birdfeed, and share a moment with these little friends. The phrase, “must feed the birds” of course has a whole new meaning at their house.
At other times, of course, this ‘call to nature’ may be less than pleasant, but there are compensations, being called forth to venture out beneath starry skies for instance, or on my last visit, forced out of bed far too early, I was so privileged to bear witness to a beautiful sunrise.  Upon seeing that their was a thick morning mist that suffused the sky with a pink glow, I grabbed my camera detoured down to the dock, knowing that such moments are brief, ephemeral and not to be missed. So there I stood, sleepy, yawning, chilled and crossing my legs rather tightly so that I could make proper homage to the rising sun, delaying the most necessary tasks for as long as possible.
All well worth it, and worth noting that even the most banal of moments can lead to the sublime.


Laurel said...

Lovely watercolor! Having outdoor plumbing must be harder to appreciate in the winter, but I do find myself being a little envious of your friends life-style.

Chrissy said...

Love the watercolour, once again it looks effortless! As you say there are moments to be snatched that are unique in every way and so need to be savoured even if you do need the loo. Which made me laugh, it is a lot like that toilet we photographed in Kastro, Greece. Basic, but the scenery is spectacular :)

Jenny said...

Beautiful composition--has a bit of a Japanese calligraphic feel to it. The colors are subdued, just right for this time of year in the North. (Where I'm living now, further south, we're still in the "Blaze o' Color phase.) Very nice.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Laurel. You envy, others would shudder at the permanent outdoor plumbing (fools, them)
Chrissy, I was indeed thinking of your beautiful Grecian toilet; that photo made quite an impression. Also the thought that just because it's necessary doesn't mean it can't incorporate beauty.
Thanks Jenny, the colours on that weekend were fabulous, but ethereal soft in the early morning mist.
Enjoy your blazing colours, we are now in the brown phase here. said...

Oh this post made me really smile. I would love to experience life like that. The older I get the more nature calling I get, of course the different nature call if you know what I mean, lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, beautiful watercolor too. Anna :)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

The painting and the words - so beautifully matched. Your reverence for Nature in all its colours is inspiring!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much Anna.
Michelle, thanks for those words. It's good to hear that within all my crass irreverence, the message got through. I just can never resist being a bit silly.


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