Thursday, October 21, 2010

Peat Mountain—Lake Superior Provincial Park


Peat Mountain—Lake Superior Provincial Park, 8x10 watercolour, looking easterly from the peak.

I tried to figure out the elevation gain, but I’m absolutely hopeless at it. If you like maps and want to figure it out for yourself, map below.


But let’s put it this way. You begin at Rabbit Blanket Lake Campground, just off of HWY 17, and you start walking up, and then up some more, and then more up. Then, just as you think you are peaking the edge of a vast ridge, you begin walking down again, and then up, and up and more up, and once again, just as you think you are about to be led to a breathtaking view, you have to walk up some more. Well, eventually, you do get to the top. This is a day hiking trail, perfectly doable for ordinary folks in reasonable shape—maybe you’ll need to take a breather or two on the way up and make sure you have 3 or 4 hours (which will include enjoying the views, and stopping for lunch). Maybe you’ll need to eat an energy bar or a handful of peanuts when you get to the summit, but that’s really about the worst of it. The scenery on the way up, is, of course, gloriously deep and shadowed deciduous woodlands, heavy on maple, and by mid-September, usually colouring up nicely. It smells like nirvana—something about the odour of freshly fallen autumn leaves. And when you do reach the top, the views are magnificent. One vista lets you glimpse the North Shore of Lake Superior as a deep blue line on the horizon, but mostly you see the endless undulation of high granite hills. If it’s overcast, you may find yourself right inside the clouds, which is a little disappointing if you came for the view, but this year we hiked under glorious blue skies and enjoyed the fall colours at their best. The painted view is looking eastwards across the wetlands leading to Peat Lake.

This one’s available for sale (unframed) at etsy. Peat Mountain. Sealey’s Lake is also now listed.


VickiP said...

I was there this summer, over night and didn't stay long enough to do the hike, but I thought about it. Looks like I missed out. Thanks. VickiP

Michelle (artscapes) said...

The painting is so delicate and yet the place sounds so powerful... I really have to get back up there...

kaslkaos said...

Hi Vicki! Great to hear from you again! You missed out! I hope you at least found time to enjoy the great coastal beaches.
Thanks Michelle, yep, the best place on earth (in my limited opinion of course).

Jennifer Rose said...

that is such a gorgeous piece of work :) i love the colours and all the leaves :)

could a hire someone to carry my up the trail? lol

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, I am now having visions, given the difficulty of the trail, of a strapping young man offering his muscular assistance all the way up ;-)

Jennifer Rose said...

lol :D

that might get more people out hiking lol said...

Oh wow I must find out more about this place. Something I should put on my travel list. So funny how often we want to travel far, yet we have so much close by. Thanks for sharing your post, good info, and another great watercolor. You have a very soft touch. Anna :)


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