Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quickies in Red—Life Drawing


1 & 2 are 1 minute poses, the last one is a 10 minute pose. I finished it rather quick and as I have trouble drawing this models face I thought it was time to practice a portrait. I love colour. I swear, had I chosen the black my drawings would just not have been the same. I choose a bright red prismacolor pencil sticks for the warm-us (quickies). The stick is shaped just like a conte crayon but much less messy. I hate smudging and blending (even on purpose) in my work, and really like the wax pencils as the line stays exactly where I put it, even if my hand slips. Given the speed of the process, and the fact that I don’t erase lines, you can get a pretty good idea of how I build up a drawing from initial sweeping lines for the general form, more added for the substance of the body, and then shading and or dark line definitions once I feel I ‘know’ where things are. (ps. cropping due to scanner size, they all have feet and heads).

So in other news…I finally knuckled down and committed to forking over continuous $$$ to the local cable company in the interest of connectivity. I am no longer on dial-up. Hopefully I will be more sociable with you. I can check out your blogs, follow links and make comments in reasonable time frames. I’m hoping this will free up time for more blog posts. I qualify the latter, as scanning and writing takes up an enormous amount of time all on it’s own. Already, I enjoyed a glorious internet free Saturday morning (I used to spend up to 2 hours using their wifi connections) and instead, finished off the shopping chores so that Sunday could be devoted to hiking in the woods, playing guitar and a bit of gardening.

As for the cable hook-up, yikes, it was an absolute ordeal. Poor Victor (technician) spent hours, literally, fishing lines through our rickety house and replacing old inadequate cable lines outdoors. He has a place in my heart as he also was very impressed with my art (aw, gee shucks, blush). The modem was flaky and he had to return to replace it on Sunday, wherein he was greeted by me practicing guitar. More compliments, (aw, gee shucks, blush).

In other news (and I’ll be crowing about it more later). My submission to the Where They Are Now art show with (OCAD alumni) has been accepted. It’s the image on my art for sale page (the river and fish) if you want a preview.

Enough said for now. I need to paint.


Laurel said...

Great life drawing sketches! I don't like charcoal either. It gets totally out of control and ends up all over my hands, my clothes and then on my face.
Congratulations on getting into the OCAD alumni show!!!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much Laurel. I don't even own a charcoal stick, messy messy.

Chrissy said...

Haha, as I said, I said, I recall that feeling...
& so he should have been impressed by your art, it is amazing!
I know so even more after practicing people whilst on hols, one minute ~ not a chance. I confess I did tell an a special person that they had to keep still for at least 20 minutes!
Nice one :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy. As for 1 minutes, they are gestures. Just a few lines, and hope they convey something more than a squiggle! I still draw figures that resemble sausages, those I hide or recycle.


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