Friday, November 12, 2010

Finding the Line


If you follow this blog, you already know that I paint in water colour, off and on, but I have to admit, that often enough they don’t feel like ‘my’ paintings (the more realistic the less I like them).  Lately, I’ve had another ‘bout’ of continuous watercolours, as I was feeling rusty, I just kept at it, over and over again (some get recycled into my artcard project so you won’t see them here).  I have always been fascinated by wet in wet wash technique but it’s very difficult to control and I’m very frugal meaning I don’t experiment enough. 

So in the past, I’ve felt a real disconnect between styles of my watercolours (most of them, not all) and my other works of art.  But this one is really mine.

I love lines, lines of all kinds, and this is the major reason I love coloured pencils as one can compose full colour paintings made up entirely of lines. What, then, am I doing in watercolours? I suppose it was somewhat of matter of faith that things would come around if I keep hammering away at it.  And yes, sometimes art (or a lot of times) art feels just like that, kind of like jogging while wearing a 50lb backpack in order to learn how to fly.

Top Image: Exotics: from Uxbridges Glen Major Tract, top of the hill, reclaimed gravel pit area.


Above: Staghorn Sumac (this one is the 3rd try, the two previous are have been sliced up into  future 2.5’x3.5’ art cards for my 365 Art Card Project, yep, I’m THAT frugal. (and I’ll be blogging about that later, but you can see the pics on Picassa now)

Below: Maple Line, more from Uxbridge Glen Major Tract.  Fall colours were astounding in the soft damp weather of October.


These are not on Etsy yet, but others that have not been blogged are.


Chrissy said...

Well that last one is one of the finiest examples of wet in wet that I have seen in ages. They are all lovely but that one is special :)

Chrissy said...


kaslkaos said...

High compliments from a comrade in arms...thanks. When I did that one, I really liked it, but never sure how these things 'read' to other people, as in, does it look like a fall forest, or random blobs of paint?

Jenny said...

I'll give you a double-edged comment here--and it's definitely from someone ignorant about the techniques of watercolor. For some reason I didn't care much for the colors in this series, especially not for the pinkish-beigy color of the plant life in the foreground. However, I truly loved the calligraphic quality of the brushwork. (I may have commented along these lines before.) The shapes of the plants seem so fluent, so flowing. I really like that.

kaslkaos said...

Jenny, thanks for dropping by. The pinky beige must be my brown madder in a purer tone. I've been using it all along, but mixed with yellow.
I will have more, but finally have coloured pencil project in the works.


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