Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More Life Drawing

Maybe I should call it adventures in colour. Most folks sketch in black charcoal, grey pencil, or conte, although I’ve seen my habits spreading to my neighbours.  Somehow, applying colour to the blank page just does something beyond the black. The colours speak to me and on I go. Sometimes I select colours to go with a pose, other times on a whim. I did find using the bright red quite exciting, and it may end up becoming my default colour for quick monochrome sketches.  Here, I had somewhat more time, and indulged in two, and three colours respectively. The lower is on grey Stonehenge paper, the upper on white. As these did not fit my scanner, I did my best with photographs. Scans always work out better, but the 9x12 bed is a little limiting.
Now I’m asking, any fellow artists that engage in life drawing. What is on your mind while you draw? Sublime thoughts, deep philosophy, food?  Taking note of my thoughts; here’s a snippet of mine.
Nice pose/and or challenging/or boring, etc.
Wow, this one inspires.
Did I finish my coffee already? Maybe there’s a drop left over, lets check (tips mug all the way back and sighs in disappointment)
I’m hungry.
Which snack shall I eat when I get home, cheese? Baloney? A sandwich, no, it’s too late for a sandwich. Maybe a pickle, straight from the jar…
What time is it? I’m tired. Oh jeepers, an hour to go (yawn), I hope I can stay awake for this (yawn). I hope the model doesn’t take all this yawning personally (yawn).
OMG, I’m drawing a sausage (when the sketching goes south)/or WOW! This one rocks! (sometimes on the same night, but usually I have off nights followed by on nights). Also noticed that the more ‘off’ the night, the more yawning and food thoughts go on. Not sure of the relationship though; tired and hungry and therefore off or having trouble with a pose and seeking distraction?
So how about you? When creating art, is your brain sublime or banal or wandering about like rabbit?


Jennifer Rose said...

"OMG, I’m drawing a sausage"
lol!! :p
my mind wanders a lot when I draw from life and i yawn a lot, not always because of the pose, usually its because I find life drawing very very tiring.

kaslkaos said...

Tiring, yes. So it's not just me! Maybe the yawning goes with difficulty?

Laurel said...

Hi Ingrid!
I've taken several life drawing series at the Varley. I laughed at "OMG I'm drawing a sausage" too, but the only time I ever thought that was when we had a male model!

If my drawing is not going well, I'm thinking things like...darn, I drew the feet too small again...looking at neighbor...man she's good...I thought this was beginner life drawing...oh no, someone is looking over my shoulder at my crappy drawing...
If my picture is going well then I've usually got my brain fully locked into non-verbal right brain mode and there are no words. That's when I feel like I'm "in the zone" and it doesn't happen nearly enough and I think I need a lot more energy and practice.
Love your life drawing blogs, it's great to hear what other people are thinking!

kaslkaos said...

Laurel, I'm in awe of your powers of concentration. Me, my brain just skitters all over the place most of the time, with there was a way to package 'the zone'.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I haven't done life drawing in years - people aren't really my thing - and the benefits of the exercise don't out weigh my disinterest, I'm ashamed to admit!

But back when I did, I found it very tiring, but, I wouldn't notice until I was done. I'd want a nap!

kaslkaos said...

Between you Michelle and Laurel, I'm beginning to think I have a hamster mind, running here, there and everywhere looking for food, and never staying on the task. At least the tiring is a thing in common...


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