Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yes, there really is a Santa Claus


‘Tis the Season for giving; and I haven’t even begun. Instead, I’m the recipient. I think my jaw fell to the pavement when the mail lady delivered this to my door, and I’m still experiencing the joyful sensation of shock and awe of being spoiled from afar. Just look at all this stuff! Stacks of Art Calendar, a business magazine for artists, 3 reference books on figure drawing. A big glossy book on monotype printmaking, a video on printmaking (and yes I do still own a vcr to view it on), coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, magazines with articles on framing art, cat poetry and art, and a beautiful cloth bound blank sketchbook. Sorry if I sound like a kid at Christmas who was just visited by Santa Claus, but really, my Santa came through early.  And who but Santa could possibly know me so well as to send me such perfect and timely selection?

I was not expecting this, really not expecting this. All this bounty was sent through the mail from a fellow printmaker in the states, one of those I refer to as ‘anonymous donor’ (there are a few). Last year it was a big box of coloured printers ink, a gift that changed the course of my art in a large and permanent way (re: my VERY colourful gelatin prints). And this year, well, just look. Wow! I have a lot of reading to do. I already know it’s time to work on a portfolio, as per instructions in Art Calendar, and, well more…

Sorry for blathering on, but all I can say is that this packet arrived on a day when I was feeling particularly out of sorts and it really, really, changed the course of my day.

Well, now…I think I had better start working on this years Christmas card design. The snow is falling fast and thick, and time is rushing by. 


Michelle (artscapes) said...

How wonderful! Enjoy your goodies... :-)

Chrissy said...

Big grin....:) I love it when someone makes a difference.He/she is also choosing someone that it appreciative which is wonderful :)

Jennifer Rose said...

what a lot of great stuff!!

kaslkaos said...

Secret Santa's name is Claudette, 1st name posted with permission, of course.
Thanks, my blog friends for sharing the joy with me. I was just so excited I couldn't keep it to myself. Now I have lots of reading to do! said...

lol you made me laugh, I do to get very excited, but for me it would be a camera and lenses, lol, probably too expensive for someone to send it for free :).

Anna :)


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