Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No Spoilers Here…

Not wanting to post spoilers, here’s a detail from my Year of the Rabbit Print Exchange. If you want the whole bunny, you’ll have to visit the Proof Studio Gallery and other exhibition locations (just follow the rabbit link).
What you see here is relief linocuts pressed into gelatin, followed by hand drawn ‘transfer’. The transfer method is also printmaking, as it involved an inked plate pressed onto paper.
This is a detail from another bunny. The leaves are cut outs of polystyrene foam, the blue-gray flowers are transfers, the orange lattice is glassware (found objects) pressed into the gelatin.  I confess for these pics I really had to bump up the contrast. They need to be viewed in good light, from a short distance and in reality are all a soft dreamy pastel.
I thought I’d post these to give you an idea about the multi-layered process. The I work it, is relatively unpredictable, and I never know where I’m going, which makes printmaking pure adventure.  Like any, sometimes I run into dead ends, and some just keep on continuing. I started out with 6 inked ‘rabbit’ papers using mouldy gelatin (as disgusting as it sounds) and rabbit cut outs as a mask. I worked up 2 to 3 layers and put the project away for Christmas. I brought 4 to the finish line on Friday, just in time to ship them off to the gallery on time.  I still have 2 rabbits I’m working on, and I have no idea what will happen. Maybe magic, maybe mud…
sorry for being a hermit lately, I’ve been busy…

For those that are curious, I've added more of printmaking in my Printmaking Gallery and there are additional 365 Art Card Project images too (should have been my next blog post, maybe later). If you visit, the new ones are down at the bottom until I find time to reorder things.

Okay, gotta run…ink is drying on the plate…

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