Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Fat Black Cat

So things have changed here, and, as my secret Santa printmaker friend says, I must ‘make art fast’.  Here’s a brief of what is going on. I have very elderly in-laws, and my dad-in-law is in hospital for an indefinite time, and mom-in-law is home alone. So what used to be ‘art days’ are now broken up with a friendly visit and checking in on her. Some minor chores, some shopping, some worry, some conversation, and then I play guitar (rather badly; I haven’t been at it 6 months yet) but she’s fairly deaf and it’s more to pass the time and fill the pauses in conversation than a concert of any kind.
While all art is a reflection of the artist, art is also a reflection of their life. I couldn’t paint the forests of my region if I didn’t spend a huge amount of time there. And now, I’m spending time with my mother-in-law. She has a very big fat black cat (named Rambo). In her ‘younger’ days, we used to complain bitterly of the cruelty of overfeeding an animal into obesity, but Rambo is a ‘working’ cat, keeping an elderly couple company 24/7 and I suppose the obesity goes with job.  She loves animals, and so I have to bring Dynamo, my German Shepherd dog.  While she gets along with my own three cats, she does get overly excited in the presence of Rambo and needs curbing. With the frequent visits she is beginning to settle down. I can’t help but see the graphic possibilities of these two creatures interacting, black and black, small and large, obese and lithe and so the images have crept into my 365 art card project.
And, as it was Dad-in-law’s 90th birthday yesterday I made this poster from one of them.
That’s it, I have some print making to day, then visiting. For those of you who emailed me with your support. Thank you so much!  It means so much to me to read your words and feel your support. Sorry, simultaneously in advance and belatedly for my late response (which hasn’t happened yet). I’m a juggler of time right now and the previous sentence is looking oddly quantum.


Valerie Kamikubo said...

I'm sorry for the difficult time that you are going through right now. I love the cat and dog prints.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

My thoughts are with you. You are amazing you know!

I love the cats! I see a series there... LOL!

Laurel said...

These prints and art cards are wonderful! I have a soft spot for fat cats. We had a rescue cat who was more of a pillow. I'm sorry to hear about your current situation. I hope you continue to be able to fit some "fast art".

Jennifer Rose said...

love the look on rambo's face in front of those huge doggy ears :)

I'm sorry to read about your dad in law being in the hospital, that is always a hard thing to deal with :(

Chrissy said...

Hi Ingrid.....I was going to email but was shooting off towards the sun when I caught your last post. I had been wondering why you were more quiet of late. Sorry to hear about the health is always such a worry for everyone with the elders being sick. I love the art cards and it is great that you are being so resourceful, it is not so easy when you are trying to support others.
As Michelle says, a series would be great. Take care and hugs to you X

kaslkaos said...

Thanks all, so nice to see all your names here! Your support much appreciated. I'm still printmaking and life-drawing. I may find time for the odd watercolour. I'll likely leave the coloured pencil paintings behind for awhile (far too time consuming), and the art cards, of course and always.
Jennifer, that was my 1st and still favourite of the series. Why is it always impossible to top that brief moment of inspiration, there and gone again.


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