Friday, February 11, 2011

Man in the Moon

Monoprint using gelatin plate and polystyrene foam relief.  Edges are the natural result of printing from a gelatin plate. This one began with a disgustingly old and mould gelatin, from which I printed layers gaining texture and interest from both the brayer and gelatin.  This was followed by layers of relief printing from my foam plate doodles. Nothing was planned; I let it form organically, although each successive layer was nerve wracking as I watched it develop into something I liked. I used newsprint (actually once read newspaper) for masking out sections, and the very last layer is the slim white semi-circle which has had a silvery metallic effect added (obviously not visible here).
With work like this I usually provide details. It’s extra time spent with imaging software, so I’ve decided to try out FineArtAmerica. I upload the entire file, and with a mouse hover, people can check out the details. Fun. Makes me want to do some digital art with details. So if you want to see things up close and personal, here’s the link:
And although the site confuses things; grrrr…. the ‘prints’ available for sale are reproductions/copies of prints, but I can’t change the migration of the English language and common use.
And as usual lately, I’m running out of time, gotta upload, flaming errors and all and run….bye.

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Jennifer Rose said...

ooh! very nice :D so many shapes to see and find and i really like the colours


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