Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lennier will be sadly missed

Last night he leapt onto the bed and crawled into my lap as usual. He often preceded me into bed where I, for an hour or two, read and work on my 365 art card project. So I suppose there is no coincidence that last night I drew his portrait yet again. I don’t know when or why, but he passed away in the night.  This is the last life drawing of him I will ever do. He was always getting in the way, climbing onto my book, especially the page I was reading, and looking back at me to make sure he’d sufficiently interrupted me and claimed my attention. Most of my art cards have been made using him as a back rest because insisted on sitting on me. This was always accompanied with a soundscape of continuous purring. He could purr for hours; I’m sure he enjoyed hearing himself as much as I did. Last night I thought everything was fine as I drew his image, but in hindsight, the image is, well, something different from the others.
Lennier was Archer’s best buddy; they spent most of their day piled up together, and sometimes piled up on me.
And this is an aerial view of the family circle during winter breakfasts.
Enough words.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

I am so sorry.. :-( It must be heartbreaking. Lennier reminds me of mine.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle; I wasn't going to post this, but I was feeling a little lonely right now, and so am glad you dropped by. (I'd love to see pics of yours anytime)

Quiltbug said...

My heart is aching for you. I had a cat like that many years ago and I still miss him. Often at night I wake up when I think I have felt him jump onto the bed. I like to think that he is still with me and mabye he is. Maybe Lennier will be with you too.

Lots of hugs from me.

Valerie Kamikubo said...

I'm very sorry for the loss of Lennier. Thank you for the reminder though, when I get a tad frustrated with my own (now 15 year old Quimby)craving for love and attention, sometimes at inconvenient times, that I won't have him forever. Thank you so much for sharing. My heart goes out to you.

Chrissy said...

I am so sorry Ingrid...Big Hugs XX I am thinking of you

Jennifer Rose said...

:( *sobs* :( so sorry for your loss :( the cards are a great reminder oh him

kaslkaos said...

Quiltbug, thanks for your hugs.
Valerie, I did that too. It's okay, it's wonderful and aggravating to have a clingy cat,esp. when they put their claws in you... ;-)
Chrissy, thanks, I'm thinking of you and yours lots too.
Jennifer, yes. When I drew them, I wasn't thinking of this, but now I have them on the mantelpiece. Art can be so many different things.

Jenny B. said...

I am coming to this late, but I want to offer my warmest sympathy. I will be devastated when my furry companion, Lucy Meowington, passes away--I trust that it will be many years from now. said...

Oh I am so sorry! This is heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing your story and hope all is well. Anna :)


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