Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life Drawing Tuesday

On a whim, I picked up my silver pencil crayon. The silver gives some unusual qualities to the line as the tone changes with the light and angle of view. Somehow, it felt appropriate for what I was thinking about at the time, as I was full of thoughts about my mom-in-law and how her own abilities to think and perceive seem to change from moment to moment. Like her, this image looks different depending on how you look at it. (of course, none of this is apparent with a static scanned reproduction).
And with silver pencil again, got completely off topic and just had blast with colour (oil pastels on black paper).  And again, on line it’s impossible to share the liveliness of using metallics for line work.  If you have a silver pencil, just try it for yourself and you’ll see.


Jennifer Rose said...

those are great :) i love all the colours, very vibrant :)

i really want to use my metallic pencils now that this has shown me what i can do with them. i never use them, but they seem to work really well here :D

Jenny B. said...

You know, there's something about the plain silver one that I really like. It has a fluid, calligraphic quality to it. How interesting to use a silver pencil as the sole implement.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, and I can't wait to see your trials on your blog! (I don't use gold, though, it's very dull, but the silver is something)
Thanks Jenny, yep, there is something about having that silver crayon in hand that dictated those lines. I think the implements I chose affect what I do.


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