Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skating on the Lake (Musselman’s Lake)

It doesn’t happen often that we get to skate on natural ice, usually there’s too much snow, too many lumps, etc.  It’s March now, and the weather has become manic. Drenching downpours one day, followed by heaps of snow and vicious winter winds, changing to sunshine and mild. Somehow, through all of this, some large patches of shiny ice appeared on Musselman’s Lake.
Whoo hoo! Time to pull the skates out of the closet and give it a whirl, and no time to lose either, with the weather blowing every which way.
It’s such a rare treat, I consider it a BIG EVENT in my life, the sort of stolen hours that you remember forever and over and over and over again.  But as all such things, it must come to an inevitable end--these photo’s were taken Tuesday evening., and yes, by the time I’m writing this, it has since snowed, and now  it is rains with much more rain in the forecast. I won’t be skating on lakes again anytime soon.
In fact, on a meteorological note, this last weather shows you the new (current) warm wet front sliding in.
More art later, but I take so many photographs that remain unseen that I really wanted to trot some out.
Here's some skating art that I did last year Skating Party-Magnetawan River 2009


Chrissy said...

It looks beautiful out there...and yes snatched moments but, the Spring will provide different pleasures :)

Jennifer Rose said...

i hate lumpy ice. one minute you are gliding along smoothly and the next, wham! right on your face :/

you never know, its still winter. you might get to skate on the water again this year.


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