Friday, March 18, 2011

Suburban Encroachment

This is an image done for a postcard print exchange, the theme was Apocalypse (any interpretation).
Look close. This one has three layers. The first is an image of a township planning map that I digitally altered and printed (inkjet) onto cardstock. The second layer (pale brown) is a gelatine print using polystyrene foam. I inscribed the little animals onto the foam with a mechanical pencil; the fine point lead gave me a very delicate line. Then I inked the gelatin plate with a very thin dry layer and pressed the foam onto that. To get this level of detail took plenty of practice. In this case the foam pressed onto the plate lifts away ink, and the inscription is left behind. The last/top layer is a conventional linocut, hand pressed. I used brown, black and red ink, randomly mixed as I wanted each print to turn out just a little bit different.
This is the back of the postcard, so that I only need to lick and stick a stamp to send them off.
Here’s is all of them, except for 2 discards (the inevitable ‘errors’ referred to--always make extra when printing by hand). 
The exchange is run by the IOWA State University Print Society, and the deal is to send them 13 postcards. One is kept for the University, and the other 12 are sent out to other participants. In other words, I will find in the mail 12 different postcards from other exchangers. This years theme is Apocalypse, any interpretation. You see mine,  (predictable for anyone who knows me). I can’t wait to see 12 other random interpretations.

PS. Letterboxers, a bit of a spoiler, but I'll be splitting the linocut into two letterbox stamps. I hate waste, will be glad to give these a new life soon.

PPS. The stamps for US mail were foxes! What serendipity. A fox on the front and a fox on the back, this was not planned.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Really neat image. I love the layers - the lower ones almost compete (makes the metaphor!) Cool about the foxes too! :-)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle. This was an odd one, not pretty, and in that I'm both disappointed but then remind myself that it is exactly the point.

Jennifer Rose said...

i love this :D its a great interpretation of the theme, very you :)

i really like all the different layers to the print, so much to look at :)

Bumble said...

Looks great and I love the theme - can't wait to see more of your letterboxes on the trail!


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