Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Moving On

Featuring cute cats on an unmade bed is probably not the most impressive of blog posts, but hey, some small good news for a change. Archer lost his best buddy, and Riker (the fluffy guy on the right) is his arch enemy. Honest, when the two make eye contact, there is major histrionics: hissing, spitting, a nightmare howling. They really don’t get along, trust level zero.
So this morning, Archer my lad crawls out of bed, notices Riker taking up space, and the howling begins. I gently pet Archer down, literally, beside Riker, and leave them together. Archer eventually leaves the scene (without spitting noises) and settles down with me. Later in the day, I find him back in bed (still unmade—never disturb a cat in bed) as photographed here. It’s nice that some critter in this world is willing give my suggestions a try.
And just to keep things on track. Let me find some art to post.
Greg from life drawing at Latcham. I’ve been doing a lot in black and white lately, including my art cards. Sometimes I add red and silver.  
And one of my ‘faces’ art cards. While faces keep spontaneously appearing on paper, the stories are less than forthcoming.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Kitties are wonderful.... :-)

The face is very cool!

Jenny B. said...

Hey--I'm always a sucker for cat photos! I never find them boring.

Jennifer Rose said...

awww, thats very cute :)

that is a really neat looking face :) the simple colours are very effective :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, Jenny & Jennifers (tempted to call you the 2 Jens)
Heh, heh, today it was hiss and spit on the cat buddy front. Oh well, brief victories.
Glad you all like the cats. Cats are just such easy subjects when looking for cute.


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