Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enjoy Your Moments

On the weekend we took my mom-in-law to the hospital to visit her husband. He is 90 and she is 86; they’ve been married for 51 years.  In the rehab lounge, we all sat together, my husband, myself, mom and dad-in-law and my dog (yes, they do allow family dogs as visitors (rehab area only) to the hospital). There were other patients in there too, to pet the dog, to watch tv, to chat with us, and to help my dad-in-law with his lunch.  It was, in spite of circumstances, a bit of a party.  Then, when the others filed out, my dad-in-law began to sing to his wife. I’ve never in my life heard him sing, or say anything remotely romantic, but he sang old romantic sentimental songs eyeball to eyeball with his aging wife and she listened and tapped her feet. I had chills up my spine, being witness to that moment, one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever seen (including books and movies).
When my dad-in-law stopped he got sad, and said, ‘but it’s all only memories’.  How sad, and how wrong, that moment in the hospital, the here and the now was such a thing of immense power.
It’s no wonder geese have been on my mind since then; known for life long monogamous partnerships, I think in a round about way I’ve been attempting to capture that moment.
Image Above: monoprint on mulberry paper. Geese are painted onto plate and pressed. I’m working on a foam plate version of the same drawing.
Image Below: Wolf and Raven monoprint. Gelatin plate and foam and linocut relief. For close up details, you can hobble on over to my fineartamerica site.
11050301dog-bird72 Wolf & Raven details at fineartamerica


Chrissy said...

A wonderful moment indeed. Don't feel so sad...that is a lot of years together and a fabulous moment to share :)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Very touching... and beautiful. :-) I hope that I can say I loved like that.

It seems almost anti-climax to mention how much I love the Wolf & Raven...

Jennifer Rose said...

that is so sweet and a wonderful memory for you to keep of the moment. might be only memories but its a life together full of them :)

i love that wolf and raven print, just gorgeous :)

Jenny B. said...

This was truly wonderful: a description of a moment I'm sure you'll remember forever. Times like that are both happy and sad in a complicated and interesting blend--like many other things in life. Thank you for sharing the moment. I couldn't help but see the image of the geese as symbolically representing the same couple.

Quiltbug said...

I've read this several times and each time I get teary eyed. What a fabulous love story!!

Cyd said...

That's such a wonderful and touching moment. Thank you for sharing it.

LivingInAurora.ca said...

Oh this is such a nice romantic story to share, priceless. I got goosebumps myself. Thanks for sharing, and hope all is well. Anna :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much for chiming in, that's all of you. Your comments mean quite a bit right now when I'm often stumped for words and time.
I posted the raven print, just to show you, yes, I'm still at the art and thanks for liking it too (although it's completely irrelevant to the post).
And Jenny is on the money about the geese; I can't look at that pair without thinking of the moment, funny how art is like that.
Thanks so much all of you, Chrissy, Michelle, Jennifer Rose, Jenny, and Quiltbug and Cyd and Anna.


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